Whether it is justice: fairness, truthfulness or rightness. Justice represents the supreme social value. We are all a bit unfair, we just refuse to admit it. Injustice hurts, only those who feel it. Justice is the fight for truth, equality of all, freedom of thoughts, etc. Justice is often seen as a constant effort to do what Is ,,right”. For justice is synonymous with truth, not rightness. Still the question arises. What is justice and how to achieve it?


Sometimes I like to eat ice cream for breakfast. I enjoy and share with those who are dear to me. Aside from being delicious and refreshing, it’s important to know that we enjoy ice cream. Ice cream says a lot about you and your character. Chocolate – you’re vibrant, vanille – creative, coffee – live for the moment, fruity – you’re tole- rant. Make ice cream with ingredients that will make you happy and enjoy yourself. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Ich cream Is loved once and for all.


Sleep town. Everything is kind of peaceful and quiet. Rain drops caress my face. I enjoy a leisurely stroll under the vinegar sky. That’s when the magic begins.

Sunlight shines through small droplets of rain and a rainbown appears. There is a belief that debt brings good luck. All we have to do is go under the rainbow and all the desires will be realized.

I love to walk under the vinegar sky. Maybe I can get through the rainbow and make all my dreams come true.


Friendship is created when you see the person in the right light. And no need for acting, to refrain from anything.

I happend to meet an old friend today. We enjoyed our time together, it filled us. Old memoris came to life.

My friend from the past, made my day. Such friendships last forever.

NOTEBOOK – Handwritten notes

It’s a beautiful sunny morning. After a long walk and a tour of the bookstore. I wanted to buy a notebook, my handy book. Combination of diaries and notes. But not ordinari but cpecial.

I finally found my notebook. In add-ition to the notebook, I also bought a set of ,, smatra stickers “. A notebook to collect ideas and thoughts. Not to forget about the deal and the commit-ments.

To plan my time and write down everything that is happening. Of course and some love verse.


There is nothing better when you smell a cup of freshli brewed cofee. Can you remember how old you were when you drank you first cup of coffee? That’s an important question.

With a cup of coffee many friendships spread, many love began. I drank my first cup of coffee at the age of 18. Most of all I love afternoon coffe, which I will share with family, friends or loved ones. The smell of coffee is something special.

Never refuse a cup of good coffee with a loved one, it is the cup of coffee that connects you.