Compass has changed the history of the world and had a great impact on human civilization. Finding a compass allowed people to explore the world at any time of the day, they did not have to wait for the sun, during the day, and the starry night sky, to orient themselves where they were.At the time of the great maritime discoveries in the 15th and 16th centuries, the compass played a major role.The compass consists of a magnet, usually in the form of a needle, which rests on a spike for easier rotation around the vertical axis.Modern compasses can also have an instrument that determines the angle of the Earth’s magnetic field.The compass is very simple, very accurate and takes you where you need to be.So rotate the compass. You’ll see the path you need to go.

Umbrella and fashion

Rainy weather often surprises us in the spring days. Therefore the umbrella has become a very important fashion item that you can enjoy in the rain. He is like a soft scarf, multicolored belts and handbags, an irreplaceable fashion accessory. In addition to protecting you from the rain, they can serve as an ideal gift for the person you care about.
So choose an umbrella in some cheerful color.Instead of boring and monochrome, get an interesting umbrella. Be brave and try something new! As my choice, heart-shaped only for romantic souls.
Today it is possible to find an umbrella to the taste of everyone, from simple to very interesting and very noticeable. Mass factories produce cheap umbrellas. However to our great joy, there are still shops where nice and expensive umbrellas are handmade. Choose the model that will suit your style of dress.

Find your new fashion accessory. Be modern and in the rain. And wait for the rain to start falling.


The secret to freedom is courage.
Freedom is not imposed.
All people have a natural desire to be free.
The essence of life is to be free and to make choices.
We are free if society does not impose injustice on us.
He who is in power can legislate for freedom.
People yearn for life without oppression, poverty, free speech and choice.
A man without freedom is a soul in chains.


It fascinated me, the old stone bridge in Baroque style and the narrow street leading to it. The street was crowded with people. An old lantern illuminated a stone bridge. It seemed lovely and romantic. The magnificent and beautiful stood proudly. And he lured the gaze of curious walkers. He had served for many years, many things had seen and heard. And one day he was no longer there. Everyone wondered where he disappeared? It’s not gone – I whispered. Quite simply he retired.


People’s dreams came to life. An unusual experience. A celestial walk through the vast expanse of heaven. They are hovering above the ground.

Dreams slowly come to fruition. Ballooning is an unforgettable experience.
The first proof that man can fly. Step slowly into the exciting world of summer.

Be brave, embark on a real adventure.Which you will remember for life in a large balloon basket. And fly around the world. IMG_20200128_200350_011.jpg



Legends are stories of all time. Like a fairy tale, a whisper a long past. Legends are like a time machine that carries us, they are decorated and mystical. They became the inspiration of painters, writers and musicians.

There are many myths and legends all over the world, they represent historical events. They hold something true and display power, courage and strength. They talk about brave people, works of saints, the existence of a place, etc.

Let us step into the wonderful world of legends, where love conquers hatred, truth overcomes falsehood.