Cleanse the body after hearty meals. !

Celery and lemon help lower fat in the organization

Ingredients: 400 g celery (root), 1 kg lemon and 2 liters water.

Preparation: Squeeze the lemon juice first. Grate the celery and add it to the lemon zest. Cook for 20 minutes and leave to cool (overnight or 6 hours). Strain and add lemon juice. Pour into bottles and drink 1 dl before meals (3 times a day).
Pleasant with taste!



Everything that happens around me. So many deaths, so many casualties. I endured, very hard. I mean covid-19. I have no vices, I don’t drink alcohol,  I can’t stand cigarettes, I like to live a quiet life. But it also shook me. And I sought salvation in food. And I started to gain weight. Luckily, I’m not much. But here and there you can see a pound of excess. And if I was planning to go on vacation this summer. Because of covid-19, I don’t want to take any chances. I stay where I am. There are no seas in my country, but that is why we have lakes, spas, swimming pools and many invaluable natural resources.

And so I stood in front of the mirror. And I couldn’t ask him.”Mirrors, mirrors, who is the most beautiful in this world.”I could not. Because I know what he’s going to say. You are certainly not the most beautiful in this world. “I even opened a YouTube channel. To show what I’m doing. I decided to stop and say. ,,STOP FOOD !!!! I do not regret opening my YouTube video. Let it stay. Here I will show everything I love, what I like. A new occupation. Why not. And so I decided to destroy all the fat in my body. What is the consequence, exaggeration in food. My vice towards food.

And I found one wonderful recipe.Which is not expensive and has a 100% effect of only two ingredients and I will publish that in the next article. But I have to adjust my diet and start exercising a little. I like to walk a lot. I love fresh air and long walks. But everything stopped because of the isolation. But it’s never too late for a fresh start to anything. Because I’m a fighter. I never give up.I can fall a thousand times and get up a thousand times again. Happiness accompanies the brave. Because life is only one.



PIE- But of a different taste

Easy and fast.
12 tablespoons of corn flour, 4 tablespoons of white flour, 3 eggs, a cup of yogurt, half a cup of sour water, 250 g of cheese, 1 dl of oil. bag of baking powder.
Grease the pan with oil. Mix the ingredients and pour into the bown. Bake until golden brown.
Pleasant, with flavors!




Components: Finished pie crusts 300g, 3 eggs, 500g yogurt, 100g oil, 50g sieves and oregano.

Preparation: Mix eggs, yogurt and olive oil. Coat the pan with oil. Cut the finished pie crusts into strips and arrange in a bowl. Add sliced cheese. And pour the mixture over everything. Bake until golden brown the color.

Pleasant, with flavors!



SALAD – which you will love

It is very tasty, quick to prepare, healthy and cheap. Try it and you won’t go wrong. You will be delighted with the taste.
400g sour cream, 250g mayonnaise, 300g cheese, 300g salami, 7 pickles, 6 boiled eggs and a little chives.
Grate cheese and 5 eggs, finely chop salami and cucumbers. Mix all this with sour cream and mayonnaise, add finely chives. Pour everything into a plate and garnish with grated cheese, egg and pickles. Refrigerate before serving. Also, you can add chopped almonds or hazelnuts to the salad, if you have them, on hand .But you don’t have to.
Pleasant, with flavors!

Chicken in sour cream

Very tasty and cheap dish. The taste is creamy and the dish is light.
350g chicken fillet, salt, pepper, two tablespoons curry, 1 pepper, 1 tomato, 150 g bacon, 2 tablespoons mustard, sour cream 400ml for cooking, 150 g cheese and a little olive or other oil.
Sprinkle with chopped onion if desired
Cut the chicken breast into small pieces, add bacon, salt, pepper, add dried parsley, curry, onion, paprika, tomato and oil. Mix everything with a little oil. Arrange the cheese on top.
Add sour cream, 2 tablespoons mustard and extra curry. Stir and pour over the chicken. Add the cheese. Place in an already preheated oven, then bake at 200 C and bake until the chicken gets a nice color. You can sprinkle this dish with finely chopped onions.
Pleasant, with flavors!