Russia – Ai-Petri bridge that leads to the sky


View of the peak itself is an incredible sight to see. Petri-Ai (Ai Petri Krim) is one of the most beautiful mountain peaks Crimean, 1234.2 m high. The name is of Greek origin and translates as Sv. Peter.


In addition to the somewhat troublesome winds, the high peak is also one of the foggiest places in the Ukraine, giving the heights an air of mystery and danger. But for all the foggy and blustery conditions on the 4,000 foot elevation, it offers amazing views the surrounding cities of Yalta and Alupka, as well as the Black Sea.


Four  mountain have a height of 7 to 19 m.Before 150-160 million years ago near the Ai-Petra there are active volcanoes. Remains to be seen near the village of Melas and Foros. There is a cable car which takes passengers from the station near Alupka to major fields in the Ai-Petri.


The most well known feature is a tall cross that has been planted in the actual peak, which is a lone stone pillar. Sightseers can reach the via a pair of wood-slate cable bridges that stretch out over the often cloudy void. It certainly does not look to be for the faint of heart. The cable bridges were built in recent years, and allows for safe passage to the cross that was long-ago erected on a rock formation.

Осень на Ай-Петри. Октябрь 2013.


At Ai-Petri is no maximum number of foggy days (not only in Crimea, but also in Ukraine). Ai-Petri, entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest windy place in Ukraine.The wind blows for 125 days in a year and up to speeds of 100 miles per hour.



Kelimutu in Indonesia – Lakes of turquoise to black, it is believed that souls live in them

Indonesia is a country that almost 2 million square kilometers has 17,508 islands. Unique volcano Kelimutu is located within the homonymous National Park, on the island of Flores.


Three mysterious lakes are located in Kelimutua craters on the island of Flores in Indonesia. They settled at a height of more than 1600 meters, in the vicinity of the 14 active volcanoes.


The lakes are located in a national park that is a popular tourist destination, as well as a popular destination for trekking thanks to the beauty of the  plant and animal world.

This phenomenon, researchers explain various chemical reactions, which result from the minerals contained in the pond, fueled by the activity of volcanic gas.


While the local population, results symbolism in the mood of the holy ghost. Kelimutu is the most important holy place on the island, but most religious ceremonies moved to the local temple due to the growing number of tourist visits.


Kelimutu comes from the word “keli” meaning mountain and “mutu” meaning together. For residents of Flores This is a sacred mountain, a place of ancestors, because they believe that the souls of the dead go to one of the three lakes, depending on how they behaved during their lifetime. Consequently, the lake is called – Tiwi Ata Mbupu (Lake of old people) and it is located 1.5 km west of the other two. Is characterized by a maximum temperature of water as well as in the white foam from increased thermal activities. The other two of the lake are next to each other and are called Tiwu Nua Mura Kooh Tai (Lake men and women – where soul leaving those who died young) and Tiwu Ati Polo ( Lake evil spirits or bewitched lake inhabiting evil souls ). Although are a part of the same withers and are located on the same mountain,from the same volcano with the same composition of the soil , lakes, often change colors vary from red, blue, black, turquoise, green and blue, independently of one another.


Simbola Londona Tower Bridge

London is a city rich in history, the city wins its tradition and is always in fashion. London is a city that stands proudly on the banks of the Thames. London has beautiful bridges but definitely the most romantic Tower Bridge. It’s a nice day, but at night is magical. Tower Bridge is named after nearby the Castle Tower.

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                                                  Tower Bridge London

  Tower Bridge is named after nearby the Castle Tower.

TowerofLondonRemembrancePoppies 67 E W 026

The Tower of London’s outer curtain wall, with the curtain wall of the inner ward just visible behind. In the centre is Legge’s Mount.

The bridge was designed on paper, architect Horace Jones. In terms of engineering built by Sir John Wolfe Barry. For Barry may have never heard of, but his resume is quite impressive; except Tower Bridge, in fact, could be proud of the fact that he was the architect of the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament).


Construction began in 1886. Only the structures that support two massive towers spent 70,000 tons of concrete. Build the bridge is primarily steel and contains 11,000 tons of steel, although its appearance is dominated by a stone facade, which also protects the steel structure and has an aesthetic role. Made of granite and stone. The works lasted 8 years old, participated in the construction of the five contractors and 432 workers. Jones died in 1887 and the works were completed by his colleague John Wolfe-Barry who was responsible for the Victorian facade. The bridge was opened by the then Prince of Wales, the future King Edward VII on 30 June 1894.


Tower Bridge in London connects the shore of the River Thames since 1894 and is one of the most beautiful and most recognizable bridges in the world. Specific by its two towers and a combination of suspension and bascule bridge. For 120 years connects the banks of the river Thames.

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Tower Bridge is actually a concrete-steel bridge which is fully decorated with over 31 million stone bricks. Precisely this gives an antique look, construction was completed in 1894.


The Victorian Engine Rooms at Tower Bridge are maintained, coal-driven engines which at one point were used to power Bridge lifts.

243-meter-long bridge is actually built on two supporting tower height of 65 meters, which are connected above the tunnels, but the street that has the ability to open up to 86 degrees so that larger ships can pass the Thames.Distance interaction between state tower is 61 m. To open, the bridge need just 5 minutes. Today, the bridge opens only when necessary and with prior notice 24 hours before.


Daily over the bridge cover more than 40,000 people a year visited by about 600,000 visitors. Crossing the bridge is free. At the bridge towers located within the museum.


Tower Bridge got a new floor made of transparent glass, which provides a special view of the river and breathtaking visitors who are afraid of heights. Setting the glass floor in the tower of Tower Bridge, costing a million pounds, and it is a long glass plates at 11 and two meters wide.

Glass-Floor-18Nov2014-28 (1)

                                           Walkways – Venue Box – Tower Bridge


Taj Mahal: A symbol of power and love


At the entrance to the mausoleum is the inscription: “Honey, you rest in the art.  Return to the Lord in peace and may He be with you.”


One of the charms of the Taj Mahal is that it is constantly changing shades. From dawn to dusk, the sun transforms the mausoleum. At dawn seems to have a pearly gray and pale pink color, dazzling white at noon, a bronze-orange when the sun goes down. In the evening takes on a bluish hue.


One of the seven wonders of the world. This is not the classic architectural work, as most buildings

According to local legend, he wanted to build another temple across the river Jamuna, he was made of black marble. There was a delay in the realization of the idea when the Shah overthrown and imprisoned at the nearby Agra Fort. Years, 1658.throne takes Shan Jahan’s son, and he was taken into custody. He lived for another eight years, and the only view that there was, was the eternal abode of his beloved, Mumtaz.


                                                 Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan

Five buildings makes the Taj Mahal complex. These five integral parts of the main gate or Darvaza, garden Bakic, a mosque – Masjid, holiday house – Makar Khan Mausoleum and the grave Rauza.

Using many different types of precious stones which create beautiful images within mausoleum part of the technique known as,” Pietro dura”. The level of complexity is truly remarkable. In one, a decorative element size of 3 cm can be found more than 50 jewels.


It was built in the name of eternal love, between 1631 and 1654, and his insouciant 22,000 people participated.

This elegant ivory temple built by Shah Jahan for his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal. Mahal died after the birth of her 14th child, chess ordered to be built above her grave graves such as the world has not seen.Despite what is now famous around the world, much of the history of the Taj Mahal continues to be shrouded in secrecy.


Inside the Taj Mahal, the graves (cenotaphs) erected in honor of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan are set in an octagonal chamber decorated with semi-precious stones. These beautiful monuments are just for show, because the graves are empty. Sarcophagi in which lie the bodies of spouses, are in the room below.


The minarets which surround the mausoleum look perfectly straight, but they are actually slightly tilted outwards. This is done for two reasons: love of aesthetics, but also prevention, so that in case of an earthquake, poles collapsed away from the heart of the mausoleum.


According to a famous legend, Shah Jahan wanted to Taj Mahal becomes a masterpiece in the world.




Cologne Cathedral – was designed in the form of a Latin cross.

Kˆln/Rhein: Dom (1248-1880), T¸rme 157m

Cologne is the largest city in the German federal state of North Rhine – Westphalia. It is one of the oldest cities in Germany, which was founded by the Romans in 50 AD.Cologne Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church in Cologne, Germany and the seat of the Archbishop the Cologne. It is known as a monument of Christianity, namely the German Catholicism, was built in the Gothic style. Saints of the cathedral were Simon Peter and the Virgin.


The construction of the Cologne Cathedral began in 1248 year. and lasted, with many interruptions, until 1880., which makes the period of 600 years. It was a long 144.5, 86.5 meters wide and its two towers are 157 meters high over the cathedral is one of the world’s largest churches and the largest Gothic church in northern Europe.Cathedral, which towers high up above the river Rhine, survived the Allied bombing in World War II even though the city was virtually razed to the ground.Cologne after the cathedral in Ulm, the second highest in Europe and third in the world. After the surface of the third Gothic cathedrals of Europe, after the cathedral in Seville and Milan. It is located about 250 meters from the Rhine.


The most famous is a huge gilded altar holy Three Kings in the form of a sarcophagus from the 13th century, which is also the largest symbol in Western Europe. It contains the bones and 2,000-year-old clothes that are believed to have belonged to the holy Three Kings, and are exposed at the opening of the church in 1864.


Sarcophagus with the relics of the Three Kings

Legend says that the relics of the Three Wise Men – a group of prominent foreigners who traveled from the East to Bethlehem only in order to greet the arrival of Jesus Christ into the world, bringing him gifts in the form of gold, frankincense and myrrh – originally contained in Constantinople.


Three Wise Men, Three Emperor or the Three Kings

Cologne Cathedral has twelve bells, four of which are from the Middle Ages. It is the oldest bell three kings, difficult to 3.8 tons, cast in 1418 and raised in 1437 and re-cast in 1880. The other two old bells were installed in 1448, and did their weight is 10.5 and 5.6 tonnes. The largest among them bears the name of St. Peter and is the largest bell in the world. This bell is heard only on special occasions – such as Christmas and Easter. Thick Petar – how affectionately call this bell is difficult to 24 thousand kg.

Cologne-cathedral-Xmas-MktThe cathedral is open daily from 7-19: 30 pm. The interior of the cathedral is just as beautiful as the outside. There is a possibility of climbing a spiral staircase (509 steps) to one of the towers. In 2007, it has raised 169 square meters of stained glass. Since 1966, the cathedral is on the UNESCO list of world heritage.






Venice – The bride must



Venice and the Veneto province owes its name to the tribe Veneti. Venita tribe inhabited the area before the conquest by ancient Rome Venice is masterpiece. Imposed by the people. Nature was initially hostile to its progress. Venice is known as the floating city.The reason is simple: it consists of 118 small islands separated and connected with countless canals and bridges. However, buildings that are located in that city are not built directly on the islands. Already on wooden platforms that support the wooden poles abode in the sand.

Of course, if you dream of the true spirit of the city on the water, there are gondolas.You can enjoy black and gilded gondolas. You can indulge your imagination as you drive gondolas leaning comfortably into the soft  cushions. Grand Canal, the longest canal.


The first thing you see when you approach Venice by boat, is the Basilica of St. Mary of Health (Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute), known only as the Salute, the famous Venetian church. It is located on the site where the Grand Canal merges with the Bay of St. Mark, and proudly welcomes travelers and opens all the splendor of Venice.


St. Mark’s Square, the only market in the city which is large enough to be called a piazza. All other squares in Venice, due to the smaller size, are called campi.The main ceremony of the Venetian carnival is held precisely in this market. And there is also a stage where performances and performance. In addition to tourists, you will be in the company’s pigeons, and will oversee the numerous statues of a lion with wings. The main symbol of St. Mark’s, and even Venice itself.


Basilica of St. Brand is the dominant buildings on the square. Certainly among the most beautiful and interesting world church, and draws attention to its special appearance.St Mark’s Church is the most famous church in Venice. Church of the facade facing St. Mark’s Square, while the rest of the building is located within the complex of the Doge’s Palace.





                 King Ludwig II (Painting by Gabriel Schachinger)

Bavarian King Ludwig II, in the 19th century built the castle of Neuschwanstein, so he could escape into his world of fairy tales.

The story of this building actually starts with the castle ,Hochenschwangau, whose existence is documented in the 12th century and which until 1535 was owned by the Knights of Schwangau. Crown Prince Maximilian II of Bavaria bought the castle in 1832, which was in ruins and reconstructed it after the original designs.He later became the residence of the royal family, after the death of King Maximilian, residence of King Ludwig II and his mother. Since 1923, the trust fund, Wittelsbacher Ausgleichsfonds to safeguard the assets of the royal family. Today it is a quiet, hidden and beautiful city, and from time immemorial.


                                           Castle of Neuschwanstein

King Ludwig II was born on 25 August 1845 in the mansion Nymphenburg, as the first child of the future King Maximilian II of Bavaria and his wife Mary, Princess of Hanover-Braunschweig lines of the Prussian royal family. His brother was born three years later. The most beautiful part of his childhood spent in Hoenšvangauu. He considered the most beautiful city. Contributed to the decoration of the castle walls depicting mythological world of German history in the Middle Ages. After his father’s death, at 18 years old and became the king of Bavaria. In January 1867, he married his cousin Sophia and divorced soon after, in October of the same year. At that time, the raging war between France and Prussia, the young Ludvig made plans to build a castle.


In the spring of 1868 completed the first draft of construction of Neuschwanstein. The foundation stone was set on September 5 next year, and the construction lasted 19 years. Of the planned 228 rooms were completed only 15 . Above the town Fusen, there are mountains, some of which reach up to 2000 m. It covers an area of 5935 m², at an altitude of 965 m. Wrong investment took its toll. Ludvig has spent money relentlessly. Ludvig considers himself a visionary, misunderstood, several times attempted suicide.Doctoral Commission, headed by Dr. Fon guilders, declared on 10 June 1886. Ludwig insane. Efforts to take him to prison collapsed. They’re closing him in prison in the castle. Soon becomes free. The second attempt is successful. Ludwig was taken to prison castle Berg. The next day he is found dead with Dr. Fon guilders. To the death occurred under very mysterious circumstances.


German castle Neuschwanstein is located in southwest Bavaria near Füssen, near the border with Austria. He is known as a symbol of idealized romantic architecture, but also because of the tragic story of its owner. New swan, is a dream come true Bavarian King Ludwig II. It is considered the most beautiful and most spectacular castle in the world and was the inspiration for Walt Disney Sleeping Beauty castle.


Neuschwanstein castle Bavarian King Ludwig II, the castle architectural elements overwrites the Holy City from the opera Parsifal famous German composer Richard Wagner. Initial sketches of the castle was made in 1868, the Munich court theater stage designer Christian Jank, and architectural drawings turned Eduard Riedel, who led the work until 1872. The construction was continued until 1886. Two other architects. The construction of the castle was completed, the death of Ludwig II in 1886.

Since 1886, the castle Neuschwanstein was opened to the public. Today the castle is one of the most famous German attractions, and annual visits of more than a million tourists. Was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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