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Not much is known about the history of salse.Nastala in America in the second half 20veka as a mixture of Latin and American dances. The biggest impact on the formation had dances from Cuba and Puerto Rico, and it is considered that these two states cradle of salsa.
Salsa: This Cuban dance, in which a lot of African influence, is distinguished by quick movements and left-right turns, and with it form the legs and burn calories, especially if you dance three times a week.
With salsa develops physical coordination, sense of rhythm.There are several types of salsa, and what today we mean is the mixture that are in the New York of the 60s and 70s of the last century brought immigrants from Puerto Rico.
Salsa is a lively, sensual dance originating from Cuba, and the basic steps are her very simple and easy to be mastered by every beginner.
Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
Movement and music has a very strong influence on the soul. Stronger than any words from any thoughts. Art reaches where words and thoughts can not. 
Anyone can become a salsa dancer.
It all depends on the talent and perseverance of the individual .


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