Love is love whatever it is.Certainly we all have a past.It is not perfect – but neither are you.What makes a great relationship at the beginning, does not guarantee a bright future just yet. The true relationship is not about sex, but also interviewed to find out a lot about each other, you share the same interests and goals in life, you can determine where your connection leads. Remember that you’re not the only ones who have a stressful job and needs to relax and enjoy. Good communication is the key to a healthy relationship.

Women will never understand until the end of men as men not women. Do not try to change and become something you are not. If you give too much to someone who does not return the love in kind wasting your time.

He says that you really love each other, they fight when they are needed. This is healthy and this means that they care about. Try to stay calm and listen to what the other party has to say. If you stay calm, and the other party will remain but will also quickly find a solution. If your partner needs a little space after an argument to cool, it needs to tell the other side. One of the biggest mistakes people make after a row eating cold ignorance.
Never go to bed angry not, all you have to solve solve before.

Women and men do not think the same. Women who opt for adventures, love and a sense of intimate connection, only after following the sex, money and excited.
In men, it stands a different sex. raising ego, excitement, revenge partner, an escape from the stress and problems, sexual addiction, the opportunity simplistic and others.

Love gives nothing but himself and does not take anything except yourself. Love possesses not nor permit to possess it. When it happens, you will simply know it’s her.
When love calls you, go for it.


  1. First, thank you for reading my essay The Gnashing Garden. One lesson I learned about what love is is it’s not about who we love, but those who loves us. Even if our internal mirror is opaque, shattered or convex, they are the reflection of who we are to them. In this, we see what we’ve poured into them, when we’ve taken more than we should’ve from them, where we’ve picked up or left off with them, and why they love us…and we love, (or once loved) them as we loved ourselves. ~MJL

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