Coffee is actually a fruit – a powerful antioxidant

Coffee can be a symbol for socializing or providing affection. It increases energy, but also affects your mood. Coffee has become a beverage without which little that one can not imagine the beginning of the morning. And when so many adore coffee, we need to know a little more about her.

According to one legend, Ethiopian shepherds were in some way responsible for the discovery of coffee. In today’s Ethiopia, where a flock of young shepherd met with berries of which became so lively that their shepherd, and I went to them and collects test. It will take centuries before the coffee will find their way to Mecca, where in the 15th century spread to North Africa and southern Spain.Coffee grows on a perennial evergreen tree (or bush) called a cherry tree and which can grow up to 9m in height, but in the cultivation of trees is kept low – for easier harvesting.They are covered with dark green leaves that coffee kept in the protective shadow of the sun. Soil, climate and altitude are just some of the factors that influence the taste of coffee. Coffee tree takes three to four years to mature and then produce coffee 20 to 30 years.The highest quality and most profitable types of coffee are Arabica – with Africa and Arabia and Robusta – growth in Latin America and Southeast Asia.Worldwide, about 70% of people consume Arabica coffee which is soft and the flavoring, while the rest of 30% Robusta coffee is preferred, that is a stronger taste, has more bitterness or more and 50% caffeine.

In order to keep you awake most of us reach for well-known means of maintaining life – coffee. Lovers of coffee today can choose from a variety of different aroma and taste.Coffee is a favorite beverage in which it enjoys around the world throughout the day. The coffee is not coffee, coffee is a ritual.

I am very moderate with caffeine and do not bother to go without him. I’ve had a homemade coffee in the morning. Sometimes it happens that one more drink during the day. For good coffee and a good book, every moment is perfect. Therefore, cook your favorite coffee grab your favorite book and enjoy a beautiful day in front of you.

9 thoughts on “Coffee is actually a fruit – a powerful antioxidant

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