Lemon is perhaps the most famous citrus fruit, has been attributed a number of good for our body. Lemon is one of the biggest treasure trove of vitamin C, the main protector of our immune system.There is almost nothing that lemon or juice from it, can not improve, heal … His work is such that deactivate free radicals and thus acts to prevent serious diseases.There are even scientific evidence that citrus reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, colon cancer, prostate cancer and cancer of the breasts.

Lemon is a Mediterranean plant species of beautiful flowers and, above all, useful and tasty fruit. It can be grown in a pot on the terrace, in the garden … Lemon is originally from India and Iran, where in the last decades of the Roman Empire spread across North Africa. Then the Arabs brought to Europe.
According to historical sources it is known that Marie Antoinette secretly put on the face mask of lemon to as many people liked. Face mask of Marie Antoinette consisted of lemon juice, donkey milk, bran and aromatic essential oils.

If you opt for the cultivation of these plants, we need to make sure that the grafted, otherwise we will not have any fruit on it. It is known that lemon blossom throughout the year. This means that in the spring until the end of the year the plant to form an abundance of flowers from which will arise from the beginnings of the fruit.
The plant lemons must be grown in an area with plenty of sun.

Lemon juice can help improve mood and alleviate depression and stress. People who walk a lot and travel a lot often eat a lemon. When you get tired, sucked the whole lemon. He is very fast cure and incredibly refreshing. Thanks to the citric acid, neutralizing toxic substances and their action, facilitates digestion, accelerates the breakdown of fats, and improves the assimilation of the nutrients In addition, it contains a high percentage of selenium and vitamin C, which increases the defense power, and anti-aging, and B-vitamins, essential nervous system. It was found that lemon even 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy and what is very important, and this does not affect healthy cells. The only thing that has not yet been published about where the quantity of lemons like. It is important to note that vitamin C can never put in hot water because it “kills”. Wait until it becomes lukewarm ie to come to room temperature and then add lemon.

Freshens breath.
Lemon can help freshen breath after consuming certain spices, alcohol and cigarettes.
Chewing lemon slices after every meal will also help.

Water with lemon helps to lose weight.

One of the great benefits of lemon juice is that it helps the body to normalize the blood sugar level which provides a great help in losing weight.

Sugar in blood.
Poor concentration, fatigue and headache symptoms are variable level of sugar in the blood and hence craving for sweet foods.
Nacedite dish with lemon juice, reduces the effect of sugar in the blood by 30 percent.

Cures cancer
Professionals dealing with cancer, they found that single chemical component in the bark of lemon can prevent the development of cancer cells. Take 1 liter of warm water and squeeze 1 lemon it every day. Drink all day and your body will start to destroy cancer cells in you, and the potential germs, if you do not have or have a tendency to get sick.
Cold and Flu
The first sign of common cold, runny nose or sore throat, increase the dose of vitamin C such that the virus is eliminated. Drink freshly squeeze juice of 1 lemon in a glass of lukewarm water every 2 hours.

Juice of one lemon, add in a glass of lukewarm water and drink three times a day, and if you have severe pain, add the juice of two lemons, and drink three times a day.

Citrus acid from the lemon helps prevent the formation of painful kidney stones – every morning, drink a glass of hot water to which you add a little lemon.

It helps the heart
Lemon is rich in vitamin C, counteracting free radicals in the body.
Free radicals oxidize cholesterol to stick to blood vessel walls.

Oily hair
Lemon juice can reduce the fat pieces. Pour the juice of one lemon into a cup of water and pour the wet hair instead of the final rinse.

Brightening the
Stains of old people put lemon juice twice a day. Citrus acid acts as a mild bleach.



  1. Helloo Majaalifee , very nice post , my dad learned me when i was very young not to suck them but eat them as oranges for example , i eat about 1 kilogram in average per week , until now i not know anyone except me and my dad who does that – eating em whole, im not probably that good in my lifestyle as my dad , but my dad was never ill in his life , he is now 70 years old, i can just agree with all you wrote. they are more than just a citrus fruits , they are like gift from the heavens. I shared your post on my Facebook if you allow , thanks much


    1. Zdenek I’m glad you liked my post. Your father was right. Lemon is a true gift from heaven. I’m glad you shared this post with others. I wish you all the best in life to you and your father.


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