Honey has always been the most respected in all cultures and religions.
This liquid gold, the colors of gold, is mentioned in the most holy book, the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud, the sacred books of India, China, Persia and Egypt.
The Greeks and Romans during the wars used to strengthen the body and wound healing. Bees can be called a real miracle of nature, and its way of life and intelligence we can only admire.


Honey has long been known as a natural elixir of health, natural antibiotic. Honey is known in folk medicine for centuries, and thanks to its composition, since ancient times is considered a sacred food and one of the most natural remedies. Honey contain substances that act on the skin as well as food-medicine, and is free of enzymes and amino acids which reduce inflammation and clean skin problems. Honey is healthy only if you enter in to restricted quantities.

If you take too much honey you can gain weight, increased diabetes, tooth decay because it contains a lot of fructose.
To be able to have a positive effect on your body, take one tablespoon a day. If you take more honey, may occur serious complications.
Honey is a healthy alternative to sugar honey is natural delicacy, but should not be exaggerated. Antibacterial activity of honey is similar to penicillin, but it has been proved that the bacteria can not survive with honey.

Enhances immunity, improves bowel and digestive tract, reduces the desire for sugar and helps in the treatment of stomach problems, especially recommended for people suffering from gastritis. Minerals in Bagram at least, only seven or eight minerals, lime has 16-18, meadow about 25, Forest 40, and most minerals has a chestnut, even 45 Chestnut honey is ideal for strengthening the mind. The darker, the more mineral substances. Children under 14 months of age, who have not yet developed immunity should not be given honey.Honey is good and bad for cancer. Med contains 38% fructose and 31% glucose, which is a cancer. The good thing is that honey contains powerful antioxidants phenolic. You can find quality honey beekeeping fairs, which are held throughout the country.

Healthy morning breakfast

Proposal for a tasty sandwich in which especially children will enjoy: coat the slices of bread peanut butter, honey and add banana slices.

Potion that heals

Honey mix with lemon and water, you get a powerful diuretic. Take one cup of warm water with the juice of 1/2 lemon and 1 teaspoon of honey. Stir well and drink immediately.

Lemon (Citrus) is the miracle product to kill cancer cells. Stronger 10000 (ten thousand) times of chemotherapy. Lemon destroys the malignant cells in the twelve types of cancer.
Lemon is a proven cure for all cancers. Lemon destroys cancerous cells without affecting healthy cells. Honey has an antibacterial activity and can alleviate the infection present in the body. It will also facilitate the elimination of toxins from the digestive system.

Hair loss

Those who are increasingly falling hair can make a mask of warm olive oil, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of ground cinnamon before washing hair. Mask hold for 15 minutes, then wash your hair.

Anti-inflammation and fatigue!

Boil water, and is set aside to cool to be able to drink it. Then pour the water into a cup, add honey and squeeze half a lemon.Stir until honey is dissolved. And so, every morning

 Treatment of cough

Cut 250 grams of fresh onion and place in a stainless steel, not aluminum. Add about 125 grams of honey to cover the onion and put it on a low flame. Every few minutes it takes refuge pan from the heat, quickly mix the syrup to avoid burnt. All work on the weaker fire. Strain pour into a jar. The tepid syrup, add a tablespoon of lemon juice. Syrup to take every hour. For children up to 10 years: 1 teaspoon for over 10 years, the dose is 1 tablespoon.

Dry skin

Take the avocado, scoop out the flesh and mix it with a teaspoon of honey until you get a cream. Lubricate the mixture on your face and let sit for ten minutes. Then, rinse with warm water or green tea.

Pure Skin

Honey is an excellent antioxidant, which means that its regular use to clean your body from all toxins.

She takes off the pounds

Honey speeds up your metabolism, which is important for weight loss. Take 250g of water pouring over one spoon of cinnamon. When it’s cold, add two tablespoons of confusion because he never placed in hot water! Half a drink before bed, and the other half before breakfast. To drink on an empty stomach.

Reduces cholesterol

Take two tablespoons of honey and three tablespoons of cinnamon and pour into a glass of water. When you drink, cholesterol levels will be reduced by 10 percent within two hours. Its constituent components and vitamins contribute to the reduction of cholesterol levels.

Strengthens heart

Honey can prevent narrowing of the arteries. Drink a glass of water with a few tablespoons of honey is enough to prevent it.

Reduces nervous firmness

Honey soothes nerves and relieves fatigue. Quickly absorbed into the blood, which helps relax and alleviating psychological disorders.

Pain in the stomach

Honey combined with cinnamon will cure stomach. Take it regularly to eradicate ulcer.

For sleeping

Drink warm milk with a spoon of honey.


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