Make Your scented soap – can be beautiful, useful and original gift.

Soaps of various shapes, scents and colors, made from natural ingredients, you can make at home.
You do not need a lot of money, just a little imagination, culinary skills, a little time and you love to create.
A true natural soap do not have a strong color and does not have a strong odor.
The soap takes a long time, if well designed, can last twenty years.

The soap is named after the province of Sapo where according to legend, sacrificed animals.
Fat together with ash rain has washed away the laundry was washed better.
It has been noted by women.In the area of ancient Babylon were found in clay pots that said fat are cooked with ashes, which proves that people are crafted soap 2800 years before Christ.

How to make homemade soap, bath salts and body butter with easy recipes.
The Handcrafter’s Companion is a rich collection of hand-picked recipes and original ideas that has taken years of experience and dozens of hours to compile and edit.

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There are hot and cold process soap making solid.
Cold process soap gets up and looks beautiful structure. However, these soaps from the moment of pouring into molds to the moment when they are ready to use the necessary period of several weeks.
Hot process soap is obtained which is immediately ready for use, ie. soda alive even during his cooking evaporates.

Why are natural soaps healthier than industrial
Industrial soaps are generally chemical compounds, detergents, that – that would be nice look and smell – add various synthetic additives, often phosphates, which are banned in the US and in the EU they use is limited.
Industrial soaps are cheaper, but have a very aggressive effect – break down fat from the skin, and as a result of their long term use affects skin dryness and irritation in the form of burning, itching, redness, scaling, eczema.

Homemade soaps, however, are enriched with vegetable oils (mainly olive, palm and coconut), which provides them with the strength, the ability to hydration, cleansing and foaming.
Oil remain on the skin after bathing and so keep its moisture, nourish it and encourage it to regenerate itself.
In some soaps are added and animal fats because their bit to reduce production costs, and a small percentage of beef fat makes them creamier.

What materials are used?

Use vegetable oils: olive, palm, cox, soybean, sunflower, grape seed oil, natural inevitable caustic (live) soda, distilled water, goat milk, honey, chocolate powder, cocoa, coconut-cellulite, poppy-Cellulite and circulation, corn grits – for piling, ground and whole flowers and leaves of herbs (mint, lavender, anise, sage, basil, nutmeg, marigold …), essential oils.

Homemade soap from glycerin

If you want to make a very simple and effective soap from glycerin, then this is the perfect recipe for you.

To create your own soap you will need 500g of glycerine (liquid or solid) vegetable gilcerin, which is excellent for the skin. Prepare a bowl for your new soap and herbal supplements (fresh herbs, dried flowers and essential oils). If you purchased a sturdy glycerin, cut it into cubes, place in a bowl in the microwave to melt. Liquid glycerine is the same process – 2 cups of 2dcl. Glycerin put in a bowl and put  in a microwave oven until melted. At 40 seconds, the strongest temperature. After 40 seconds, remove the pan, mix glycerin and replace it all at 10 seconds.When melted glycerin and equalize in it you can add. Lavender, mint, essential oils, flowers and salt to scrub or whatever you want (you can fight if you want your soap has a color) let your imagination run wild. Pour the mixture into molds and leave to harden for at least an hour. Remove them from the container and enjoy the smell.

Wrap your homemade soap wrapping paper, boxes, cellophane and you have a very nice original gift.

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