QUINCE – golden apple

Quince is considered the symbol of health, love and happiness. Golden apple or pear sidonijska, known as quince, was once a popular and widespread fruits throughout Europe. It comes from southwest Asia and the Mediterranean, and is most often seen in the Middle East, Latin America and the United States – in where the little softer varieties of fruit.

Quince is one of the deciduous shrub or small tree up to 8 m high. The flowers are usually large, white or pale reddish. Fruit quince is golden-yellow color, sour and slightly bitter taste because of which are rarely eaten raw. However, there are people who consume such. They are rich in vitamins A, B and C, as well as minerals are mostly represented zinc, copper, potassium and iron content of fruit acids and sugars, quince gives a special flavor.

It works preventively against cancer. The high level of antioxidants in this fruit results in efficient fight against cancer cells. Phenols and phytonutrients in combination with tannin will help your body to remove all harmful substances.

The healing properties of quince:

– promotes weight loss
– soothes diarrhea
-rejuvenates and hydrates skin
– used against acne
– helps with liver disease and eye
– effective for anemia
– useful in diseases of the intestines and stomach
-reduces stress and insomnia
-its seeds protect against cancer

Daily consumption quince proved to be beneficial in tuberculosis, liver failure, diarrhea, dysentery, gastric ulcer, and liver disease and eye. The high concentration of dietary fiber helps with weight loss. When problems with the stomach or intestine there is no better solution than the quince compote. The juice of this fruit helps with cardiovascular, respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders, and its antioxidants significantly reduce the risk of cancer. Anti-oxidant compounds, which is located in the quince are directly related to the reduced chance of developing different types of cancers.

Most medicinal part of quince are seeds which, when spreading in the water creates a mucus that helps with coughs and digestive organs. It contains a large amount of vitamin B17, which has anti-cancer effect. The seeds are rich in sugar. pectin, fats, Tenino, protidom, malic acid, and elmuzinom protidom.

Tea made from quince.

An excellent natural remedy for stopping diarrhea. Quince prepare tea. One tablespoon of dried leaves of quince, pour a cup of boiling water. Let stand 30 minutes, then strain. Drink hot tea.
Quince can prepare jam, compote, jelly, juice, pastries, salads and sauces.


1 kg. Quince
1.2 kg. sugar
1 lemon
150gr. walnuts

Remove the skin of the quince. Cut into cubes. Put in a pot full of cold water. Put them to cook. When you boil leave a few more minutes on the fire. Do not throw water already measure 1l. If there is no top up. In the water, add sugar. Cook until you get the sugar syrup. Add the juice of one lemon and quince. Cook until thickened. All the time while cooking remove the foam with a spoon. When the sweet almost 150 gr.oraha add chopped, cover the pan with a wet cloth and leave to cool overnight so. The next day put in jars and seal the lid.

Liqueur quince drink that will successfully defend against bacteria and viruses.

Liqueur quince

1 l brandy
1 kg quince
350 g sugar
1 cinnamon stick

1.Quince wiped off with a cloth. Peel off and put in a jar just a shell, and the rest used to compote.
2. In the shell add the brandy, close and leave the jars to stand in 6-7 weeks.
3. Thereafter boil sugar with water, add cinnamon and allow to boil for 3 minutes. Remove the cinnamon syrup cool and pour into a jar where the shell with brandy.
4. Finally strain through cheesecloth and pour into bottles.

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