Benjamin Franklin- One of the founders of the USA

17januar1706. was born Benjamin Franklin, one of the people who had a major role in the creation of the United States. Birthplace of Benjamin Franklin was in the street called Milk Street in Boston. City of Boston was at that time the capital of the British crown colony Massachus. He died in Filadelfijai April 17, 1790. Benjamin Franklin was a remarkable man. Since he was born in a poor large family, received a good education, mostly from books. In the life of Benjamin Franklin was modest and unassuming.

He was the tenth son of a man who is engaged in production of soap and candles. He did not have access to education, and is largely self-taught Benjamin Franklin. As a boy of ten years, he was an apprentice to his father, at age 11, he started working in the printing of his half-brother. In 1721 he founded the newspaper that published 14 of his essays.After a quarrel with her brother, moved to Philadelphia in 1723 year. He spent a year and then went to London for two years. When he returned to Philadelphia he continued to publish his works.

Besides being one of the founders of the United States, Benjamin Franklin was also a prolific inventor and thus invented bifocals in 1785 (which are used for vision correction at two distances: closeness and distance) Franklin claimed to have been invented because he was tired of changing glasses, odometer (measuring instrument which measures the length of a motor vehicle odometer) and the flexible urinary catheter, made the first machine for reproduction. First introduced street lighting and reorganized the US postal system. One of the first promoter of environmental awareness, has established the libraries and hospitals, organized the first fire department, and before his death, managed to push through a law that prohibits slaver

His most famous scientific work related to electricity. Franklin first determines the identity of the lightning with electricity, sets up a new theory of electricity, proving the existence of the positive and negative electricity, the main features of the Gulf Stream (this is done by using the famous experiment with a kite), and finds the lightning rod.

In 1752 he went with his son in the field. He took a plastic kite with a metal tip. Dragon he needed to let him go into the clouds abundant lightning. Like every other misunderstood mind ahead of his time, he feared ridicule but the venture did not speak to anyone.
The experiment did not initially promised. When it thought to give up, he noticed unusual behavior thread tied to the edges. It was as if they were connected to electricity. No, it was not sufficient evidence. Franklin wanted to fully consolidate his theory. He put the key on a kite and let him even more and waited. Patience has paid off. In the end, the key is clearly seen the spark, but because of the moisture from the rain ends, along with the key, started to accumulate a considerable amount of electricity. He proved that his theory is correct

In 1775 he became a member of the US Congress and an author, Declaration of Independence .
He founded the first public library in America, the Philosophical Society of Pennsylvania and the “Academy”, which became the University of Pennsylvania.
As diplomatic representative in France from 1776 to 1785, using his personal reputation and popularity, has done a great service to the United States in its war for independence. Returning to America, Franklin participated in the creation of the US Constitution in 1787, the last years of his life published a series of articles in favor of the abolition of slavery

Daylight Saving Time was first mentioned in 1784. Benjamin Franklin because he was bothered that we are losing a lot of daylight and suggested that in the spring the clock moves forward.
In a letter to the editors of the Journal of Paris, as it was a humorous article, it is not clear whether Franklin really wanted something to propose to the French. This article proposed by William Willett in the article “Waste of Daylight” (Loss of daylight), published in 1907, but failed to persuade the British government to accept it. The idea of daylight saving time was first recorded in Germany during the First World War, in 1916. He soon followed suit, and the United Kingdom, the same year.

We can say that Benjamin Franklin was a great man who with his attitude and way of thinking
was ahead of its time. For his long life Benjamin Franklin has achieved a lot.

6 thoughts on “Benjamin Franklin- One of the founders of the USA

  1. This is such a great blog featuring many cultures and historical greats. I really liked Ben Franklin when I was a child reading simple biographical books. He seemed, “larger than life!” Thanks for this post. 🌟 Smiles, Robin

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    1. The famous cartoon Ben and I, produced by Walt Disney, was a film of my childhood and now. I read a lot about him and admired as a child. Thanks to Robin beautiful and sincere words.


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