Bavarian King Ludwig II Friends Wilhelm Richard Wagner, German composer and conductor

One of the biggest artists in opera (or “music dramas” as he liked to call his own opera), in his work laid the foundations of classical music of the 20th century. For all his operas himself wrote the libretto (text). To this end, raised its own opera house. In addition, Wagner was also a great conductor. He performed a reform of opera.

Wilhelm Richard Wagner (German, Wilhelm Richard Wagner, Leipzig, 22 May 1813 – Venice, 13 February 1883) was a German composer, poet, essayist, music theorist and conductor.

When he was 15 years old the first time he came into close contact with the music of Ludwig van Beethoven, which was to the point hit that he decided to become a composer. Even later, Wagner believed that the root of his music, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Wagner never had any real musical education, his knowledge of music gained over several months time

Wagner worked on the Ring des Nibelungen until 1856. By that time he had finished, Rhenish gold and Valkyrie, and the first two acts of Siegfried. That same year he decided to temporarily suspend work on the Ring and write a special work: Tristan and Isolde.
The inspiration is found in a relationship with Matilda Vezendonk, wife Ota Vezendonka. Matilda is Wagner responded with love, but did not want to destroy her marriage to Otto), served as the inspiration for a new Wagner opera. Inspiration in Wagner’s love for Mathilde found are Vezendonk songs (nem. Wesendonck-Lieder), a collection of five songs written by Matilda (writer and poet), for which Wagner wrote the music. Wagner’s marriage to Minna Planer was seriously threatened. Vagner I went to Vienna 1858godine. They began to live separately from 1862godine. Mini provides financial assistance until her death in 1866

Vagner the year 1861, he began to write his brightest work, comedy Mastersingers of Nuremberg. He tried to conduct Tristan und Isolde in Vienna. Opera had seventy rehearsals, in 1864 production has fallen because the work was considered unfeasible.
Composer in 1864, lives in Germany, poor in financial difficulties, close to suicide.
At that moment, while he was at the bottom, receives a letter from 18-year-old Bavarian King Ludwig II, who has since become his patron and resolve financial problems.The king immediately repay debts composer. Wagner performed a new work in Munich, Ludwig II invites composers to live in Munich. Tristan and Isolde are implemented with great success. Ludwig II, as a child fell in love with Wagner’s work, especially in Lohengrin, whom he identified himself. Later he built the famous Neuschwanstein castle inspired by the Wagner opera.

After several relationships before and after the death of his wife Mine, Vagner in Tribšenu, near Lucerne, lives with Cosimo, daughter of Franz Liszt and wife of the conductor Hans von Bill’s. Otherwise his friend, one of Wagner’s most ardent lovers, who conducted the premiere of “Tristan and Isolde”. The couple gave birth to three children Isolde, Eva and Siegfried, before they were married.For Wagner married on 25 August 1870. As a result of this marriage, List and Wagner did not communicate for years.
List is finally getting settled in Bayreuth, Bayreuth Wagner later will have great significance. Married with Cosimo remained until his death.Vagner on 8 November 1868, met with young philologist Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche Wagner considered the only person who understood his philosophy and saw in him a rebirth of European culture. Finally had a stable life. Wagner is working on the Ring des Nibelungen. At the insistence of King Ludwig, Rhine gold and Valkyrie were performed in Munich, although it was not Wagner’s wishes (he wanted to carry out the whole cycle once). Therefore, after the completion of Siegfried, decided that the public is not informed of the progress of its work on the Ring. Also, for performance cycles Vagner could not perform in any theater, decided to build their own, built specifically for the performance of the Ring. In 1871 he decided to build an opera house in Bayreuth, a small place near Munich. Richard Wagner visited Bayreuth on 17 April 1870, because he had read about the city’s Opera House Bayreuth, and she seemed suitable for his operas.

However, the space could not accommodate all the musicians that he had planned.
Wagner suggested that the city build up an even bigger opera hall. The city agreed and allocated space outside of the village, so called. “Green Hill”.

He collected money for the construction of the opera, maintaining concerts, Wagner went on tour in Germany. Were founded associations for raising funds. True financial aid, however, was provided by King Ludwig in 1874. In the same year the family moved to Wagner in Bayreuth, in a villa that Richard was baptized wanfried (nem. Wahnfried, literally “peace of madness”). The cornerstone of the festival hall was laid on 22 May 1872, and the hall was completed and officially opened 1876.

Theater, which is called the Bayreuth Festspielhaus, opened in 1876. The premiere of the complete Ring des Nibelungen, which lasted from 13 to 17 August. It was the first Bayreuth Festival and the annual ceremony of Wagner’s work. Since 1951 in the summer, held an opera by Richard Wagner Festival. To purchase tickets waiting for about eight years.

2 thoughts on “Bavarian King Ludwig II Friends Wilhelm Richard Wagner, German composer and conductor

    1. After the premiere in Munich, Tristan and Isolde Bavarian King Ludwig II sent a message to Wagner.
      – Unique! Light! Sparkler! Perfect! So much enthusiasm! The man, freely, while listening to the music, feel the need to disappear, to sink unconsciously, in order to preserve the bliss that it obzima! Divine work!
      I think the Bavarian King Ludwig II, said all of Wagner’s music. He was a great composer of his time.
      Greetings and hugs Maya.

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