Bavarian King Ludwig II, in the 19th century built the castle of Neuschwanstein, so he could escape into his world of fairy tales.

The story of this building actually starts with the castle ,Hochenschwangau, whose existence is documented in the 12th century and which until 1535 was owned by the Knights of Schwangau. Crown Prince Maximilian II of Bavaria bought the castle in 1832, which was in ruins and reconstructed it after the original designs.He later became the residence of the royal family, after the death of King Maximilian, residence of King Ludwig II and his mother. Since 1923, the trust fund, Wittelsbacher Ausgleichsfonds to safeguard the assets of the royal family. Today it is a quiet, hidden and beautiful city, and from time immemorial.King Ludwig II was born on 25 August 1845 in the mansion Nymphenburg, as the first child of the future King Maximilian II of Bavaria and his wife Mary, Princess of Hanover-Braunschweig lines of the Prussian royal family. His brother was born three years later. The most beautiful part of his childhood spent in Hoenšvangauu. He considered the most beautiful city. Contributed to the decoration of the castle walls depicting mythological world of German history in the Middle Ages. After his father’s death, at 18 years old and became the king of Bavaria. In January 1867, he married his cousin Sophia and divorced soon after, in October of the same year. At that time, the raging war between France and Prussia, the young Ludvig made plans to build a castle.

In the spring of 1868 completed the first draft of construction of Neuschwanstein. The foundation stone was set on September 5 next year, and the construction lasted 19 years. Of the planned 228 rooms were completed only 15 . Above the town Fusen, there are mountains, some of which reach up to 2000 m. It covers an area of 5935 m², at an altitude of 965 m. Wrong investment took its toll. Ludvig has spent money relentlessly. Ludvig considers himself a visionary, misunderstood, several times attempted suicide.Doctoral Commission, headed by Dr. Fon guilders, declared on 10 June 1886. Ludwig insane. Efforts to take him to prison collapsed. They’re closing him in prison in the castle. Soon becomes free. The second attempt is successful. Ludwig was taken to prison castle Berg. The next day he is found dead with Dr. Fon guilders. To the death occurred under very mysterious circumstances.

German castle Neuschwanstein is located in southwest Bavaria near Füssen, near the border with Austria. He is known as a symbol of idealized romantic architecture, but also because of the tragic story of its owner. New swan, is a dream come true Bavarian King Ludwig II. It is considered the most beautiful and most spectacular castle in the world and was the inspiration for Walt Disney Sleeping Beauty castle.

Neuschwanstein castle Bavarian King Ludwig II, the castle architectural elements overwrites the Holy City from the opera Parsifal famous German composer Richard Wagner. Initial sketches of the castle was made in 1868, the Munich court theater stage designer Christian Jank, and architectural drawings turned Eduard Riedel, who led the work until 1872. The construction was continued until 1886. Two other architects. The construction of the castle was completed, the death of Ludwig II in 1886.

Since 1886, the castle Neuschwanstein was opened to the public. Today the castle is one of the most famous German attractions, and annual visits of more than a million tourists. Was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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