Venice – The bride must

Venice and the Veneto province owes its name to the tribe Veneti. Venita tribe inhabited the area before the conquest by ancient Rome Venice is masterpiece. Imposed by the people. Nature was initially hostile to its progress. Venice is known as the floating city.The reason is simple: it consists of 118 small islands separated and connected with countless canals and bridges. However, buildings that are located in that city are not built directly on the islands. Already on wooden platforms that support the wooden poles abode in the sand.

Of course, if you dream of the true spirit of the city on the water, there are gondolas.You can enjoy black and gilded gondolas. You can indulge your imagination as you drive gondolas leaning comfortably into the soft cushions. Grand Canal, the longest canal.

The first thing you see when you approach Venice by boat, is the Basilica of St. Mary of Health (Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute), known only as the Salute, the famous Venetian church. It is located on the site where the Grand Canal merges with the Bay of St. Mark, and proudly welcomes travelers and opens all the splendor of Venice.

St. Mark’s Square, the only market in the city which is large enough to be called a piazza. All other squares in Venice, due to the smaller size, are called campi.The main ceremony of the Venetian carnival is held precisely in this market. And there is also a stage where performances and performance. In addition to tourists, you will be in the company’s pigeons, and will oversee the numerous statues of a lion with wings. The main symbol of St. Mark’s, and even Venice itself.

Basilica of St. Brand is the dominant buildings on the square. Certainly among the most beautiful and interesting world church, and draws attention to its special appearance.St Mark’s Church is the most famous church in Venice. Church of the facade facing St. Mark’s Square, while the rest of the building is located within the complex of the Doge’s Palace.

10 thoughts on “Venice – The bride must

  1. I was there a few years ago, not totally impressed with the waters dirty but now with the absence of people in the water, it is now clear which is indicating back to good health. Good for them. Your photos are looking good!


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