Cologne Cathedral – was designed in the form of a Latin cross.

Cologne is the largest city in the German federal state of North Rhine – Westphalia. It is one of the oldest cities in Germany, which was founded by the Romans in 50 AD.Cologne Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church in Cologne, Germany and the seat of the Archbishop the Cologne. It is known as a monument of Christianity, namely the German Catholicism, was built in the Gothic style. Saints of the cathedral were Simon Peter and the Virgin.

The construction of the Cologne Cathedral began in 1248 year. and lasted, with many interruptions, until 1880., which makes the period of 600 years. It was a long 144.5, 86.5 meters wide and its two towers are 157 meters high over the cathedral is one of the world’s largest churches and the largest Gothic church in northern Europe.Cathedral, which towers high up above the river Rhine, survived the Allied bombing in World War II even though the city was virtually razed to the ground.Cologne after the cathedral in Ulm, the second highest in Europe and third in the world. After the surface of the third Gothic cathedrals of Europe, after the cathedral in Seville and Milan. It is located about 250 meters from the Rhine.

The most famous is a huge gilded altar holy Three Kings in the form of a sarcophagus from the 13th century, which is also the largest symbol in Western Europe. It contains the bones and 2,000-year-old clothes that are believed to have belonged to the holy Three Kings, and are exposed at the opening of the church in 1864

Legend says that the relics of the Three Wise Men – a group of prominent foreigners who traveled from the East to Bethlehem only in order to greet the arrival of Jesus Christ into the world, bringing him gifts in the form of gold, frankincense and myrrh – originally contained in Constantinople.

Cologne Cathedral has twelve bells, four of which are from the Middle Ages. It is the oldest bell three kings, difficult to 3.8 tons, cast in 1418 and raised in 1437 and re-cast in 1880. The other two old bells were installed in 1448, and did their weight is 10.5 and 5.6 tonnes. The largest among them bears the name of St. Peter and is the largest bell in the world. This bell is heard only on special occasions – such as Christmas and Easter. Thick Petar – how affectionately call this bell is difficult to 24 thousand kg.

The cathedral is open daily from 7-19: 30 pm.
The interior of the cathedral is just as beautiful as the outside. There is a possibility of climbing a spiral staircase (509 steps) to one of the towers. In 2007, it has raised 169 square meters of stained glass. Since 1966, the cathedral is on the UNESCO list of world heritage.

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