Kelimutu in Indonesia – Lakes of turquoise to black, it is believed that souls live in them

Indonesia is a country that almost 2 million square kilometers has 17,508 islands. Unique volcano Kelimutu is located within the homonymous National Park, on the island of Flores.

Three mysterious lakes are located in Kelimutua craters on the island of Flores in Indonesia. They settled at a height of more than 1600 meters, in the vicinity of the 14 active volcanoes.

The lakes are located in a national park that is a popular tourist destination, as well as a popular destination for trekking thanks to the beauty of the plant and animal world.

This phenomenon, researchers explain various chemical reactions, which result from the minerals contained in the pond, fueled by the activity of volcanic gas.

While the local population, results symbolism in the mood of the holy ghost. Kelimutu is the most important holy place on the island, but most religious ceremonies moved to the local temple due to the growing number of tourist visits.

Kelimutu comes from the word “keli” meaning mountain and “mutu” meaning together. For residents of Flores This is a sacred mountain, a place of ancestors, because they believe that the souls of the dead go to one of the three lakes, depending on how they behaved during their lifetime. Consequently, the lake is called – Tiwi Ata Mbupu (Lake of old people) and it is located 1.5 km west of the other two. Is characterized by a maximum temperature of water as well as in the white foam from increased thermal activities. The other two of the lake are next to each other and are called Tiwu Nua Mura Kooh Tai (Lake men and women – where soul leaving those who died young) and Tiwu Ati Polo ( Lake evil spirits or bewitched lake inhabiting evil souls ). Although are a part of the same withers and are located on the same mountain,from the same volcano with the same composition of the soil , lakes, often change colors vary from red, blue, black, turquoise, green and blue, independently of one another.

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