Swarovski Kristallwelten Theme Park, Wattens, Austria

If you like crystals, this is the perfect place for you.

More than 13 million people have visited this shining example of Swarovski’s magical place where you will be bewildered by the sights and sounds.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds have developed to become one of the greatest tourist attractions in the whole of Austria.

“The Giant,” a face landscaped on the hillside with crystals for eyes and a water fountain for a mouth, greets you as you approach the entrance of the museum. A visit to Swarovski Crystal Worlds represents just the start of the adventure.

Experience a breathtaking world of crystals in Wattens near Innsbruck. in 1995 .Already the entrance of the museum amazes the visitors, as it features the shape of a huge spouting head of an alpine giant, created by the Austrian artist, writer and actor André Heller.

Entrance leads underground through the mouth of a giant monster with crystal eyes and the highlight is André Heller’s Crystal Dome, which sparkles with ever-changing light reflected from the stones, accompanied by moody music from Brian Eno. Other exhibits include the eerie Ice Passage, illuminated with millions of sparkles and with crystals crunching under foot by Olivier Irschitz, and Susanna Schmögner’s cute Crystal Theater, featuring sparkling zebras and gleaming red stiletto shoes.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds – which is in Wattens – birthplace of the famous family-owned crystal company established in 1895 and where the family still lives.

To celebrate 100 years of crystal success, the Swarovski family commissioned the Austrian avant-garde multimedia star, Andre Heller, to create a crystal experience like no other.

There are 16 rooms in Swarovski’s Chambers of Wonder, each designed by great artists from around the world.

Crystal Worlds was first opened back in 1995 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company’s founding. Like something out of a fairy tale, the park’s main attraction is the “Chambers of Wonder” exhibition, which is contained within a green hill, the entrance of which is made to look like a crouching giant. The exhibition itself consists of over a dozen different rooms decked out in Swarovski crystals.

Next to the opening of Swarovski Crystal Museum, you will find the ‘Planet of Crystals’, which is an exciting 3-D projection that links the images of the history of the world. Whether it’s delicate crystal or a royal solitaire; the exquisiteness of crystals are truly unparalleled. One of the special highlight of the known Swarovski Crystal Museum is the Crystal Theatre with shelters many glistening figures.

The garden also encompasses attractions for children, including a maze in the shape of a hand and an activity-based play tower, offering climbing, swinging, sliding and other activities.

Enjoy a range of cultural activities throughout the year, including an open-air cinema in August and the Festival of Light in January and February.

Examples of Swarovski crystal can be bought in the store. A chamber-music festival takes place early every May.Enter a fantasy world that has fascinated millions of visitors, and discover the gardens of the “Giant,” a family-friendly play-tower, café and restaurant, and more.

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