The most important food in the diet of the Arab world is urma or datula. It is so important that it is called the “bread of the desert”, and in ancient Greece it is also known as “the fruit of the gods”. It grows in desert oases, on female palm trees, in huge clusters. The only plant in Sahara, which can help a person to survive. Palm trees bloom in March, when pollination is necessary for the creation of fruits. The transfer of pollen from male palm to female flowers is carried out by specially trained persons, and this is the only way of pollination.

People with a weak heart can use this incredible fruit. During the night, sink the semolina into the water. In the morning, remove the seeds, grind them in a blender along with the water where they stood during the night. Take this medicine several times a day to strengthen the heart.

For pregnant women is excellent food, which helps in preparing for the birth of the breath provides the body with all the necessary nutrients. They are also great for losing weight, problems with impotence and anemia.

Significant minerals make this type of fruit a superb food for bone strengthening and for fighting painful disorders such as osteoporosis. Urms contain selenium, manganese, copper and magnesium, minerals that are very important for the healthy development of bones and strength, especially in the elderly because their bones are gradually weak. So eat your urms and strengthen your bones!

Rich iron sources, and their daily consumption is a good preventative anemia (and therapy for those who suffer from the lack of this element) – 100 grams of urme contains about 10 percent of the recommended daily value of the iron.

It is interesting that even doctors advise patients who lie with fasting to break the post with natural fruit and water. Since we know that urms contain a large percentage of sugar that is easily absorbed, then we understand that urms and water are the best food for people who fast.

As urms are rich in nutrients, their oil is excellent for your hair as it strengthens its follicles and helps to eliminate hair problems. Therefore, always try to incorporate this fruit into your diet, to enjoy the incredible positive effects that this fruit has on your hair.


  1. Great information!
    I love natural healing, please tell me if Urms are the same as Dates in America..
    semolina in America is wheat flour.. I found the heart strengthening remedy interesting but do not know the terms..
    Thank you for sharing!


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