How to make honey from butter

For this you will need:about 200 flowers butter , freshly picked; 2 lemons; 2 l of water; 2 kg of sugar.

Separate the flowers and wash them with cold water. In this way, you will remove all insects, dirt and impurities that may affect the quality of the final product.

After that, place them in the sherry and pour 2 liters of water (preferably distilled). Put the bowl on the stove and cook on a strong fire. When you notice boiling, leave for another 20 minutes on the rings and you can hold them half-shaded. After that, remove the shark and rinse the liquid through a sieve or strainer into another container.

Then pour 2 kg of sugar into this pot and place on the ring that is adjusted to the medium volume. Mix consistently until the moment you notice how the quantity has halved and the mass is dense . Then insert two lemons that you washed before and cut into slices. Be sure to add them along with the coral because they are full of vitamin C.

Continue stirring with a wiper until the mixture has reached the density of the honey. After that, remove the container from the fire, and honey from the butter while you are still hot in the clean glass jars. Close them well and take them to a dark and cold place.

If you are not a sweetener, do not give up on making this medicinal product. Namely, honey can be made without sugar. Modify the recipe by inserting a mead honey in the same amount of 2 kilograms instead. You can improve the flavor if you cut off one whole orange along with lemon.

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