Why is the bowl good?

The folk saying says “beans of the herd feed”, but because of the nutritious and medicinal ingredients of this plant, it would be quite justified to say that the beans feed and heal. Although often referred to as peasant and poor food, beans are one of the most useful foods, the most reliable source of protein and, for many, the most delicious food of our national cuisine.

The richness of minerals, vitamins, complex carbohydrates, and above all proteins, classify legumes as high-nutritional foods. Beans are rightly called vegetable meat, because apart from cysts and methionines, it contains all other amino acids.

Because of this property, it is perfectly combined with cereals such as barley, wheat, rye or corn. Due to high protein content, it is not necessary to combine it with meat, fish, milk or eggs.

Beans have partially soluble fibers , and because of the combination of fibers and folic acid reduces the risk of stroke, as well as heart and blood vessels diseases . It is recommended for diabetics and pregnant women, but not for kidney patients. In the shell, however, there is pectin, which is hardly digestible, so the bean is avoided in the digestive system. This is one of the favorite foods of vegetarians because it contains a large amount of protein. It does not contain gluten , so it is also suitable for eating people with celiac disease . Due to the reduced digestibility of the shell, it is desirable to eat it up to twice a week.

In the case of a lot of people, beans cause bloating and gases, and in order to get rid of it, while cooking it would be desirable to use spices such as cinnamon, leaf, ginger and garlic .

Baked beans recipe:

It’s needed

300 g of colorful beans, 300 g of noodle, big onion, 3 onions, 200 g of bacon, 500 g of dried ribs, two slices of sweet peppers, 2 potatoes


Pour the day before the beans with water and let it swallow. Fold the water on the next day, top up, add dry ribs and cook. Sit tightly on the onion and pour it on the oil. When it’s a bit hot, add sweet pepper and sour cabbage. Pour a cup of water and rub it. Add garlic and bacon, add them to cabbage, and dip it all together until the cabbage completely softens. When the beans and dry ribs are cooked, add cabbage, stir well and cook for another ten minutes. If you like, you can add two boiled potatoes to the beans.

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