Royal Eagle

The Royal Eagle or the Eagle Crusade is a big eagle from the family of hawks.The eagle’s cruiser mostly settles up to 1000 meters above sea level, where there is not too much noise. For the nest, he chooses a lonely tree with a wide field view.

It once inhabited the wide regions of Eurasia, and today the number of individuals is very low and threatens its extinction. The Royal Eagle is very similar to the raw eagle, but it is slightly smaller, up to 83 cm in length and up to 205 cm.

Males and females are similar in appearance, only females are a bit larger. The color of feathers changes with age; the cubs have a yellow-brown color and are wrapped in darker longitudinal patterns, while the head and neck of adult individuals are yellowish brown, and the body is dark brown with distinctive white straps.

The Royal Eagle is mainly fed to small mammals, birds, rodents and lizards, and in the absence of other choices and tricks. Its main habitat is south-eastern and central Europe, western and central Asia.

The Eagle Crusade was a symbol of many monarchies, such as the Roman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Because of its protective power, its strength and beauty, people chose the eagle of the crusader as a symbol on its coat-of-arms, or two-headed eagle, which indicates a long tradition of belief in its protective power.

Today, only 9 European countries have an eagle on their coat of arms: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania, and in the world of only 30 countries.

The killing and persecution of eagle cruisers is one of the greatest dangers, for this endangered species, in many areas. This danger exists in many areas of the Balkans, Turkey, Lebanon and Syria. Degradation of the habitat is one of the most severe and most complex hazards in almost the entire region.Destruction of forests (clean cutting, sanitary cutting, drastic screening, afforestation with inadequate species), expansion of modern agriculture (with chemistry, etc.), pasturing of pastures, construction of settlements, buildings, roads, etc. are a great danger, as they lead to loss of habitat. The robbery of eagle crust nests from specialized thieves is common in some countries of the Balkans and Russia.


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