The Wolf is truly a synonym for intelligence, power, power, courage, and victory, but it is not even a cunning, cunning and cautiousness that is not a side effect.

Certainly, one of the most famous wolves in Roman history was Martha’s witch, who fed her brothers Romul and Rud, the founders of Rome with her milk. It is interesting to add that this patron sainted Mars wolf still stands today as a symbol of the city.

Wax tattoos – Wolves have a special place in the history of mankind. People have recognized the characteristics of the wolf and consider it a very loyal animal. The wolves were the first dog lovers who were impregnated, and then their intelligence, hardness and loyalty were particularly emphasized.The wolf used to be the symbol most commonly used in indigenous tribes. They were used in the form of a totem and symbolized the inner strength and strength of the heart at the persons who carried them.

The man is from a violently indifferent wolf for centuries and has systematically made diverse and numerous breeds of dogs, with none of them being so resistant, resourceful, nor intelligent or stronger than a wolf. Some of them are examples of dog species that are absolutely incapable of any naturally independent life and survival.

Otherwise, the wolf does not listen to anyone, nor wants anyone to serve. He is dedicated to protecting, defending, strengthening and sustaining his species with all the natural characteristics and character in his free territory.

Between the wolves in the pack there is a clear hierarchy that is established by an internal struggle where the stronger will never kill a weaker wolf. Namely, a stronger wolf with a strong bite until the beginning of a bone fracture, reminds the other that it is weaker than he accepts by laying on his back obeying unconditionally in order to be free from further attacks.

The wolves are in agreement with hunting, boating, raising and caring for the offspring and respect for the inner hierarchy. This is not the case with dogs, since these instincts have been lost in time. In the end, through the natural section of the strongest, the most healthy and the most capable in their species, with far more sharpening of all the senses in relation to dogs, the wolves provided extraordinary life abilities, resistance and adaptability.

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