Today I finally understand. That I lost the love of the man I love. I don’t know where we went wrong. I do not feel anger but calm and peace. I’m tired of everything.

He gave me a very strong crystal at parting. Rosen Quartz – a symbol of love and beauty. It has magical power, it helps us to move more easily into the future.

It can help to find true love for the most exalted – unconditional. The love I need.


16 thoughts on “THE STONE OF LOV

  1. I had have and I have a good friendship, I had it because she lives abroad now, and I have it because it still lasts from a distance. I had love but for business-matter, to wash, cook and sit at home. Does love like being trapped? Limited? held back from rise and fly? It was, and therefore had to come to the end.
    Love yourself very much and see that you will meet your reflection …


  2. Those ‘love’s’ teach us many things. Sometimes painful, sometimes happy. But one day you will finally touch a love so profound it will leave you forever speechless, for there is nothing else to say, but acceptance of the one thing we have spent our entire lives searching for, that contentment and happiness that is the realisation of our journey.
    An understanding will occur, and the masks we wear for all those situations will drop away and under them all will be finally us…our truth…and our love. Only then can we truly compliment another, when we finally understand our fears, let them go and in doing so finally love ourselves truly and reflect that love back out.
    When we understand anything in this life, we let them go and they lose their power over us. When something is not understood they keep us ‘on guard’ for when they appear again. Our fears do that. The day we finally understand what drives them is the day we are for the first time free. Truly, heartfelt and beautifully free πŸ˜€ ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½


    1. Love is the inspiration and theme of the most beautiful works of art, but also a major driver in daily life.
      Immature love says: I love you because I need you. Mature Love Says: I Need You Because I Love You. – Erich From

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