There is nothing better when you smell a cup of freshli brewed cofee. Can you remember how old you were when you drank you first cup of coffee? That’s an important question.

With a cup of coffee many friendships spread, many love began. I drank my first cup of coffee at the age of 18. Most of all I love afternoon coffe, which I will share with family, friends or loved ones. The smell of coffee is something special.

Never refuse a cup of good coffee with a loved one, it is the cup of coffee that connects you.


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  1. I do like a cup of coffee at the very first moment of the morning, in bad and a book…. ☞ to the last moment as a ‘bad accident ‘ 😉 when I try to fall over a page … buuu haha
    The coffee was everywhere!!!!! 😂
    did not matter, I still love it

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  2. I’ve had my first cup of coffee at the age of 5 or 6. Before that my mothers sister dunk some cookies i coffee and feed me, I remember I liked that. 🙂


  3. Don’t recall my first cup, sips bestowed on my as a kid with my bonus mom. I always found the scent divine and for many years I was scared to drink it due to health issues. But I would relish the smell, so I began to drink it again and haven’t stopped…


    1. That’s why I often drink liver cleansing drinks. One month from herbs and the other I make whey. That’s how I clean my body. And then I can afford a cup of coffee. I often drink coffee with milk. Try it too.


      1. Sounds good…i like the concept of cleansing. We were given seasonal cleanings growing up, then later I thought I was too sophisticated for old world stuff…how wrong I was.


    1. Coffee is good especially when it comes to, waking up in the morning. Right now, I’m drinking a cup of coffee. And I enjoy the beautiful sunny weather. And I wish the same to you. Have a good day.


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