NOTEBOOK – Handwritten notes

It’s a beautiful sunny morning. After a long walk and a tour of the bookstore. I wanted to buy a notebook, my handy book. Combination of diaries and notes. But not ordinari but cpecial.

I finally found my notebook. In add-ition to the notebook, I also bought a set of ,, smatra stickers “. A notebook to collect ideas and thoughts. Not to forget about the deal and the commit-ments.

To plan my time and write down everything that is happening. Of course and some love verse.

15 thoughts on “NOTEBOOK – Handwritten notes

  1. I appreciate this. I started using Computer already in 1970 and since them I have written using my Computer.

    Among tis post, there is a photo showing me by the computer in 1970:

    About me

    Have a wonderful day!


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