Whether it is justice: fairness, truthfulness or rightness. Justice represents the supreme social value. We are all a bit unfair, we just refuse to admit it. Injustice hurts, only those who feel it. Justice is the fight for truth, equality of all, freedom of thoughts, etc. Justice is often seen as a constant effort to do what Is ,,right”. For justice is synonymous with truth, not rightness. Still the question arises. What is justice and how to achieve it?

37 thoughts on “JUSTICE

  1. If justice is a principle to act and judge respecting the truth, I believe that today is not fulfilled. Poverty, low wages, migration, etc., shows that there is a very large inequality in the world. Or what is the same, there is no social justice.

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    1. International Day for Social Justice is celebrated every February 20th and is proclaimed on the basis of a United Nations resolution adopted in November 2007. Today’s states need to be mindful of respecting the law, protecting the weak, creating a level playing field for people, and opportunities for a normal life.

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  2. majaalifee, Tubularsock thanks you for your “like” at Tubularsock. “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news.” Hope to see you again.

    As for JUSTICE, pretty simple ……. “treat EVERYONE as you wished to be treated!”

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  3. Bonjour mes Amis et Mes Amies du Net
    Comment vas- tu
    Dehors ce n est pas le beau temps
    La tempête est là ,cela me dis rien de sortir
    Alors ce jour je vais abordé ton blog
    Avec un sourire, un petit mot
    Pour venir te saluer
    Je te souhaite une agréable journée ou peut être une bonne soirée si tu es loin
    Je te remercie aussi des passages et tes mots que tu laisses sur mon blog
    Prends bien soin de toi et de ceux qui sont autour de toi
    Bisous Bernard


    1. Salutations à vous, Bernard. Le temps ici est variable. J’ai hâte au beau temps, j’aime beaucoup marcher. Vos messages sont sympas et intéressants. Je ne peux pas attendre votre nouveau texte. Passez une bonne journée. Gros câlin de Majeelife.


  4. Justice is of course used in many contexts really it simply is to treat everyone the
    same and with the same consideration.

    In even more simplified words; treat all as you would like to be treated yourself.
    A dream to come true.


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