It all starts out of sheer curiosity. The two simply “find themselves”.That first magical look speaks, is it your soulmate. A magical look to your eyes will give you a picture of how someone is feeling while communicating with you.

It starts with a romantic kiss – it just happens! It matters who you kiss! One kiss is like a thousand words. With the person you care about, you have shared that true and best kiss.

She sat in the living room with him and listened about his career. He craved too much for his career. And she wondered?

Why people who seem romantic and intelligent at first glance is not. If she has to choose between you and her career, then it’s not true love. If you consider yourself a person worthy of love, you will escape from such a person.

A man who does not make you happy is the soulmate of another woman. The woman who doesn’t make you happy may be the soulmate of another man.

And she wondered, how much did she go wrong?



29 thoughts on “A VICIOUS CIRCLE

  1. Career and love can be a terrible conflict. We are taught that ambition is good, and that career is a matter of supreme importance. I dated a lady whose career took her to New Jersey. She wanted me to go with her but I couldn’t for a lot of reasons. It broke us up even though we were still crazy about each other. It was just the way it had to go.


  2. Il mio inglese, pur essendo meglio di tutte le altre lingue che non conosco affatto, non รจ cosรฌ buono da rendermi idonea a leggere e comprendere tutto. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    1. So perfettamente cosa hai scritto e sono stato in grado di tradurlo. Mi piace il tuo ultimo post, questo segno. E un post che descrive viola e teatro. Buona giornata


      1. Grazie per sostare tra le mie parole e lasciare un segno piacevole e desiderato della tua presenza.
        Un abbraccio…


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