How to make whey with milk and lemon

Cleans the liver and strengthens the immune system. Renovates damaged liver. Drink daily from half a liter to a liter of this liquid. Recommended for obesity. It contains the entire protein chain.

It cleanses the body of parasites, prevents the development of bacteria and fungi, helps in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases. It also helps with abdominal and bowel pain.

On 1l soft 8 teaspoons of lemon juice. Put the milk on the stove to cook, stirring occasionally. When boiling, turn off the stove, but leave the pan close to the heat to cool slightly. Instantly pour lemon juice. Sour milk will quickly form. Process it into a container that has been coated with gauze. Lift the ends of the gauze and drain.

The resulting fluid is whey. Pour in the cup and add honey as desired.

23 thoughts on “How to make whey with milk and lemon

      1. I don’t think I’m lactose intolerant, but I try to eat as vegan as possible. So I may be interested in the plant-based stuff… if it’s not difficult to make. 🙂


      2. It’s not hard to make. I described it nicely and how to do it. And what plants are used. Read the post. Do it and let me know. If you have time. Natural, healthy and not expensive.

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      3. I expected a new post with the plat-based whey, but it’s actually the previous post, right? I’ve read it yesterday, but I haven’t made the connection with this post. *blush* 🙂 Thank you.


  1. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ I Keep Trying to Kill My “liver” by drinking red wine all day 🙃 so it’s So Crystal Clear Clarity to Me that My “liver” Refuses to Die; as to ‘WHY!!! it does NOT!!! Die 🤔 ?’ I Do NOT!!! Know 🤓

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇



      1. ♡ I Guess My “liver” is appreciating the exercise; as for the rest of you please do what you will



    1. I looked at the video you sent me. Terrible. But I don’t remember that. I was too small. But I don’t understand what you wanted to tell me with this video.


  2. Non conoscevo le proprietà di questo ricettario.
    In Italia con lo stesso procedimento si cuoce la carne aggiungendo latte è a metà cottura un limone intero. Buonissimo🍷🍷


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