Improper preparation of tea can harm your health. Many people prepare it the wrong way, which can be fatal to health and even life.

Green tea is made exclusively from the leaves of a special plant, Camellia Sinensis, which grows in Asia. Green tea is not prepared in boiling water because it loses all its positive effects. Green tea contains caffeine. Due to improper preparation of tea, the amount of caffeine increases.

Green tea contains caffeine, and too much caffeine affects sleep, speeds up the heart rhythm, abruptly increases blood pressure and blood vessels break. Extracts with a high concentration of green tea can cause a liver problem.

Green tea helps to combat excess weight. It stimulates the metabolism, but if you drink more than 1 liter of green tea a day you can cause the opposite effect.

Be moderate in everything, and so preserve your health.   Instagram majamilosevic73


30 thoughts on “GREEN TEA CAUTION

  1. I used to drink green tea because I’ve heard it’s good for weight loss. I’m not sure I’ve prepared it correctly though. Thanks for the informative article.


  2. Thanks for the info. I’ve always believed that great tea just like any other tea is better with boiled water. I guess I’ve been doing the wrong thing. I drink a cup or two of green tea everyday and sometimes I’m tempted to use two bags in a cup.


    1. Anything useful in large quantities can be harmful. So we have to be moderate about everything. I love tea. This morning I drank a mint and chamomile tea mixture. The aroma and taste is very nice with the addition of lemon and honey. That’s how I always drink.

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  3. Merci Maja,pour cet excellent article… Oui, l’excès en tout est un défaut ! Et que ce soit pour la nourriture ou pour les boissons, il faut savoir consommer avec modération !
    En ces moments délicats et difficiles, prends bien soin de toi. Affectueuses pensées et bisous d’Auvergne. ❤


    1. Louis, je suis content que tu aies aimé l’article. Depuis que je travaille dans un établissement de santé mais en tant que commis, je dois travailler tous les jours. Je porte un masque et des gants. J’essaie de me préserver autant que possible. Un état d’urgence a été instauré. Prenez soin de vous aussi. Salutations de la Serbie.❤

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  4. You’ve managed to hit the right chords with this post. People think Green Tea is magic potion and gulp it down. Like you said, excess of anything is bad. Informative post. Hope all safe and sound at your end.


  5. Not a believer in using extracts too often. As u note, hyper concentrating a good thing can make it act as a bad thing inside our bodies!


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