We offer confidence in order to receive it in return.
Naïve people are often deceived.
They never doubt, they are full of confidence. because they think that all people are always good.
Trust is just another way of saying you can rely on someone you care about.
In order to love sincerely and completely, we also need trust. When we lose trust in someone, the positive emotions go away.



32 thoughts on “CONFIDENCE

  1. I like this. I’ve always been a trusting person. So much so they call me naive. But over the years and due to life experiences the past two years I’ve closed myself off. I get lonely but I’ve not been hurt or let down either.


    1. Nowadays loneliness is becoming quite normal. It is hard to find true sincere friends. No need to bother with that. Life should be lived to the fullest. We never know what awaits us tomorrow. And change fate. I wish you a nice day. And you just found a new friend. The kind you sought sincere.

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