Anthrax, plague, smallpox, botulism and other deadly bacteria that have been trapped in ice for thousands of years are now dissolving due to global warming. Viruses and bacteria remain in that ice, able to survive for millions of years.

As the world warms, more water evaporates, causing more humidity in the air. There is more intense rain – and in some places greater snowfall. The risk of drought in land areas during hot summers increases. More flooding is expected from storms and rising sea levels.

The fires that rage almost every summer in warm areas, as well as the reduction of drinking water and food shortages are the result of global climate change. On the Earth’s ball, cold spots are getting warmer, so there is a danger that the melting of ice will increase the level of new viruses that scientists have not yet encountered.

In the opinion of biologist Kirill Sharshov, there is a hypothesis that ancient viruses are being “thawed” by global warming, glacier melting.

Earth’s average temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius, but in the past it was known to be much higher and much lower.
The climate has natural fluctuations, but scientists say the temperature is now rising faster than in most previous cases.

Water vapor is most affected by warming. But it only lingers in the atmosphere for a few days. Carbon dioxide (CO2), however, lingers much longer.

Research has shown that elevated levels of carbon dioxide and higher temperatures stimulate early flowering of plants and increased production of pollen. The number of people suffering from seasonal allergies and asthma has increased worldwide.
The main cause of global warming, carbon dioxide, has begun to reflect on space too. The air in the outer layers of the atmosphere is very thin, but even so few molecules of air create great resistance to the movement of satellites. This slowdown requires the engine to be periodically started and the satellite back up to its proper orbit.

Air pollution is first and foremost a consequence of the increasing development of technology and technology, and in particular of industry and energy. Air pollution occurs in areas where industry is developed.

 When forests that absorb carbon and leave it to rot or burn are cut down, that stored carbon is released and contributes to global warming.

 Extinctions of plants and animals are predicted as habitats change faster than species can adapt to. And the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the health of millions of people could be threatened by the incidence of malaria, water-borne diseases and malnutrition.

Climate change, according to the World Health Organization, affects human health by acting on many factors on which health depends, including water, air, food, shelters.

 Changes in temperature and rain can lead to major changes in the transmission of infectious diseases spread by water or transmitted by mosquitoes. Such as cholera, malaria, dengue.




  1. ♡ She is Many Billions of Years Old EveryOne, Killed off Many Species; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that She doesn’t give a fuck about another Ice Age that gets rid of Us


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      1. ♡ Yup EveryOne and it Should Concern ALL of Us that Our ‘Experts’ ARE Totally UnAble to Agree which Suggests that Our ‘Experts’ ARE InCompetent; so Full of Their Facts and Stats (Knowledge) while The Wisdom is Totally Absent Because of Egotistical Stubbornness, n’est ce pas sil vous plais tout le monde 🤔 ?


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  2. Excellent and clearly communicated
    Her love rains down on me
    as easy as the breeze
    I listen to her breathing
    it sounds like the waves on the sea
    I was thinking all about her,
    burning with rage and desire
    We were spinning into darkness
    the earth was on fire
    She could take it back,
    she might take it back some day
    From Pink Floyd’s „Take it back“ / „Division Bell“

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  3. The way you communicated is really wonderful. By this it is very evident that you are trying to create awareness on the pandemic like corona. Awesome!!!

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  4. While I disagree with the correlation of global warming and viruses, I do appreciate your theory. It’s very well-written and encourages thought. Sadly, we’re so polarized by ideological differences the mere topic divides us all the more. I miss the days when we could exchange opposing views and both come away better for having learned something.

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