In addition to being very tasty, strawberries are also very healthy. Strawberries are a very appreciative fruit, and most of all we like them in fruit salads, cakes or simply dipped in whipped cream or chocolate.
The cake is very easy to make quickly and very tasty. I hope you enjoy her taste.

piscote 600g
vanilla pudding 100 gr
milk 1 lit
vanilla sugar 2 pcs
butter 250 g
sugar 8 casks
powdered sugar 100g
strawberries 1/2 kg
whipped cream 150 gr
acidic water 2 dl
200g milk for dipping biscuit
For glaze: 300 ml sweet sour cream, 200 g dark chocolate and strawberries for decoration 200g

Cook the pudding with sugar and milk and cool. Whisk the butter with powdered sugar, chilled fillet and add chopped strawberries and vanilla sugar Dip the biscuits into the milk and spread around the rim of the mold and pour half a fillet on the bottom. Put the biscuits in the milk again and spread over the fillets. Pour the remaining fillet over the biscuit. Put the cake in the fridge as you prepare the glaze.
Put the sweet sour cream over low heat and then add chocolate pieces before cooking. Remove from heat, wait a few minutes for the chocolate to melt. Then stir to melt all the way, pour over the cake. Arrange the strawberries over as decoration. Leave in the refrigerator to tighten before serving.


43 thoughts on “STRAWBERRY CAKE

  1. For these days of confinement, something sweet always suits you to mitigate the anxiety of looking for it. Their strawberry pie looks very tasty from the recipe recipe. If so, we will enjoy it.

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  2. Merci Maja pour cette dΓ©licieuse recette ! Tu es un vrai “cordon bleu” ! Bravo pour tes talents culinaires…
    Aujourd’hui, j’ai cueilli, quelques asperges et seulement 2 fraises, dans le jardin potager !
    Il faut dire qu’en Auvergne, la vΓ©gΓ©tation n’est pas trΓ¨s en avance ! Il faut donc s’adapter et prendre son temps…
    Bisous mon amie et prends bien soin de toi. ❀

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    1. Merci Louis. J’aime la flatterie. Je ne le suis pas, un grand artiste culinaire. Je cuisine ce que j’aime et ce que je fais plus souvent. Je suis sΓ»r que tu es un meilleur cuisinier que moi. Attention, le virus est si dangereux. Je vous salue beaucoup. Et merci pour une si belle fleur.❀❀❀

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