I heard raindrops pounding on my window. I take my umbrella, I go outside. I look at the sky. Rainy, mostly cloudy, but beautiful morning. I open my umbrella and I’m going to town.
I called my best friend and after a long walk we got hungry. Breakfast was waiting for us in our favorite restaurant with a cup of hot coffee and a pleasant conversation, the morning was even more beautiful.
When it rains I like to hear those raindrops echoing. Rain is a symbol of happiness for me and I enjoy the rain. A rainy morning can only be special if we know how to discover their beauty. Raindrops bring fun and joy.
And that’s why you don’t sit inside. Choose an umbrella just to your taste. Today, umbrellas are available in so many colors, styles and cute designs.
And get ready to turn spring showers into a fun morning!


40 thoughts on “FUN MORNING!

  1. Totally agree. I take photos in the rain and after rain….everything is more beautiful after a shower. Just posted some dewy cicadas today on my Flickr page, check them out if you are interested (Mag Zilla). Thx for this pick me up.

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      1. You too! Just wanted to say that I like the idea of you writing because it relaxes you. I hike for the same reason. Nature’s beauty is beyond compare and I like the solitude aspect of it. Enjoy your day….


    1. I wrote an article about a rainbow that occurs after rain – MAKE A WISH. I hope you read it. I wish you all the best dear friend. Thanks a lot πŸ’•πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΉI wish you a nice day

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