Unrealized love ,, Georges Bizet, Carmen” oper

That evening, the opera “Carmen” by Georges Bizet was shown in the theater. It was very crowded while I was waiting in line for a ticket. I somehow managed to buy two tickets. The tickets were sold out in no time. More tickets were requested.
The opera was phenomenal. I especially liked the part where the bullfighter Escamillo, singing the famous “Song of the Bullfighter”. He invites everyone present to come to the arena, to the bullfight. He tries to seduce Carmen.
At the end of the play.The audience that filled the theater hall rewarded the talented opera divas with applause. WELL DONE!!!!
Carmen is a temperamental woman who believes in fate. She is ready to lose her life for love. This operatic masterpiece depicts interpersonal relationships, love, passion and death.

Georges Bizet never experienced the success of his operatic masterpiece.
It was premiered on March 3, 1875. in Paris.
It experienced triumph only ten years after the first performance.


  • Carmen, a gypsy woman, a factory worker
  • Don José, a sergeant
  • Escamillo, a toreador
  • Micaela, Don José’s fiancee
  • Morales, a guard sergeant
  • Frasquita, Carmen’s friend
  • Mercedes, Carmen’s friend
  • Zuniga, captain
  • Dancairo, smuggler
  • Remendado, smuggler
  • innkeeper Lilas Pastia , smugglers,
    soldiers, passers-by and children,
    tobacco factory workers, bullfighters.

23 thoughts on “Unrealized love ,, Georges Bizet, Carmen” oper

      1. Vous avez écrit ce commentaire la veille de mon anniversaire. Théatre, les grands classiques comme les opéras, comme les grands concerts, comme ceux du nouvel an à Vienne. J’ai me l’art.
        Votre blog est une oeuvre entière.
        Bonne journée à vous.
        Merci d’être passée sur mon Blog de moins de quinze jours.

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