A delicious tart with apples                            

These days I found another beautiful restaurant located in the heart of the city. A restaurant with a great atmosphere and good staff. It is located on the very corner of the main street. A restaurant with a great atmosphere and good staff.

I was most pleased with the decorated Christmas tree. She stood magnificently and adorned this beautiful space with her beauty. Even if the New Year’s holidays have long passed. The magic is slowly awakening in you.

I ordered an apple tart. I like this cake because it is simple and delicious. According to the original recipe, it is made with apples, although many also make it with other fruits such as pears or plums. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it’s a hit. It looks great, it’s even better to eat.


39 thoughts on “A delicious tart with apples                            

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I may never get to experience that part of the world so enjoyed seeing it through you. I also appreciate restaurants with not only friendly staff but have beautiful and imaginative decor… that atmosphere and menu that can lure you away from even great home cooked meals. Even simple meals in places with personality are fun. 😍🤩💕✨

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