We offer confidence in order to receive it in return.
Naïve people are often deceived.
They never doubt, they are full of confidence. because they think that all people are always good.
Trust is just another way of saying you can rely on someone you care about.
In order to love sincerely and completely, we also need trust. When we lose trust in someone, the positive emotions go away.



Don’t let it that you life will pass.
This is our last tango.
Provide me your hands.
I want to feel your touch.
I’ll do anything for us.
I can feel your breath.
As I passionately kiss you all, me.
Do not let me go.I
tremble with love me .
Until I lose my breath.
And you will see in my eyes a glow.
I wanna Be With You.
Until I burn out of your love, me.






As I stroll through the city.
I’m looking for your view.
I wonder where you are?
And what will happen to us?
I’m waiting for your call, answer it.
That’s how I want to hear your voice.
Bring some color into my life.
Because, you bring me salvation.
The views then meet.
And I see the glow in your eyes.
Then you approach me.
And with a smile on your face you ask me?
Where are you? Right now, I wanted to call you.
That’s how I want to hear your voice.
I love you so much
As always, you are beautiful.
That’s exactly what I wanted.
No I’m not a loser.
I, constantly on the side, watch you.
But don’t tell anyone about it.




Did you know that happiness takes so little. One look, one innocent kiss. When you tell me in the morning, dear, I love you more than anything. When you grab my hand .We walk in the rain smiling and hugging. While the whole city is asleep, the whole world is ours.When I know. That you will never betray me. And that’s when I feel peace. That you are here forever just for my sake. And that I can always rely on you even when everyone betrays me.

You were the first to betray me. I can not believe. You are gone forever. No I didn’t fall. I remained strong and brave. I am happy, smiling and carefree. And I’m not losing hope. I’ll never lose it. Because I believe in a better tomorrow. I walk bravely, alone into a world without dreams and hope. I walk because happiness follows the brave. I’m not a coward my soul is brave.

And when you realize what you’ve lost. And what a mistake you made. You will repent. I know you are. But there is no turning back. And I’ll never forgive you. My heart wants it. But my pride never will. And you are not guilty that your soul is not brave and that your heart does not know that it loves it. Because not everyone is given to know that he loves.





Improper preparation of tea can harm your health. Many people prepare it the wrong way, which can be fatal to health and even life.

Green tea is made exclusively from the leaves of a special plant, Camellia Sinensis, which grows in Asia. Green tea is not prepared in boiling water because it loses all its positive effects. Green tea contains caffeine. Due to improper preparation of tea, the amount of caffeine increases.

Green tea contains caffeine, and too much caffeine affects sleep, speeds up the heart rhythm, abruptly increases blood pressure and blood vessels break. Extracts with a high concentration of green tea can cause a liver problem.

Green tea helps to combat excess weight. It stimulates the metabolism, but if you drink more than 1 liter of green tea a day you can cause the opposite effect.

Be moderate in everything, and so preserve your health.   Instagram majamilosevic73