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How to make whey with milk and lemon

Cleans the liver and strengthens the immune system. Renovates damaged liver. Drink daily from half a liter to a liter of this liquid. Recommended for obesity. It contains the entire protein chain.

It cleanses the body of parasites, prevents the development of bacteria and fungi, helps in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases. It also helps with abdominal and bowel pain.

On 1l soft 8 teaspoons of lemon juice. Put the milk on the stove to cook, stirring occasionally. When boiling, turn off the stove, but leave the pan close to the heat to cool slightly. Instantly pour lemon juice. Sour milk will quickly form. Process it into a container that has been coated with gauze. Lift the ends of the gauze and drain.

The resulting fluid is whey. Pour in the cup and add honey as desired.

Only a healthy liver guarantees health!

You do not need expensive drugs to be healthy, nature has given you everything.

You need to keep your liver healthy. Your health depends on a healthy liver. A whole host of plant species from nature come to the aid of the liver. This is a potent beverage, stimulates the elimination of toxins that live inside, stimulates liver function and reduces fat.

You need:
3 lemons, 200g. chopped parsley, 150g. chopped celery, 150g. chopped arugula, 6 cups of water, some honey.

Put the lemon juice, chopped parsley, celery and arugula and some water in a blender and mix, then add the remaining water and mix again.

Pour a beverage in a cup. add one tablespoon of honey or two. The spoon with which you take the honey must be wooden not metal. Those who have sugar problems do not have to add honey. On an empty stomach, drink 2 glasses 3 times a day for 3 days. After 3 days, take a break of 7-10 days and repeat again. Eat light meals during this detoxification of the body.

LEMON – Lemon contains high amounts of Vitamin C, an antioxidant essential for the production of glutathione. which is essential for toxin cleansing.
PARSLEY – Parsley is rich in Vitamin C and known as a plant that cleanses the kidneys and liver, detoxifies the whole body
AUCOLA – Arugula is high in chlorophyll, preventing DNA and liver damage (caused by aflatoxin).
WATER – Water plays a key role in eliminating toxins from the body.
HONEY– has healing powers in the liver, especially glucose, which does liver detoxification. Honey protects the liver from damage that can cause toxic substances,

These liver allies abound in chlorophyll, which are known as the “liver cleaner”,and increase the liver’s ability to neutralize toxic substances. In the fight against toxins, it is necessary to bring in about two liters of liquid. The primary reason for liver cleansing is the accumulation of various toxins in our body over time.

The liver is the only internal organ that has the ability to fully regenerate, even when the damage is sometimes more than 50%. When the liver is full of toxins it works more slowly. Which has a negative effect on your health. She is unable to perform her functions normally, especially to regulate body weight.

Excess body weight as well as excess fat in the body that seriously threatens your health and affect the functioning of organs such as: heart, liver, kidneys. So turn to nature, because it protects you and your health.



It all starts out of sheer curiosity. The two simply “find themselves”.That first magical look speaks, is it your soulmate. A magical look to your eyes will give you a picture of how someone is feeling while communicating with you.

It starts with a romantic kiss – it just happens! It matters who you kiss! One kiss is like a thousand words. With the person you care about, you have shared that true and best kiss.

She sat in the living room with him and listened about his career. He craved too much for his career. And she wondered?

Why people who seem romantic and intelligent at first glance is not. If she has to choose between you and her career, then it’s not true love. If you consider yourself a person worthy of love, you will escape from such a person.

A man who does not make you happy is the soulmate of another woman. The woman who doesn’t make you happy may be the soulmate of another man.

And she wondered, how much did she go wrong?




Compass has changed the history of the world and had a great impact on human civilization. Finding a compass allowed people to explore the world at any time of the day, they did not have to wait for the sun, during the day, and the starry night sky, to orient themselves where they were.At the time of the great maritime discoveries in the 15th and 16th centuries, the compass played a major role.The compass consists of a magnet, usually in the form of a needle, which rests on a spike for easier rotation around the vertical axis.Modern compasses can also have an instrument that determines the angle of the Earth’s magnetic field.The compass is very simple, very accurate and takes you where you need to be.So rotate the compass. You’ll see the path you need to go.

Umbrella and fashion

Rainy weather often surprises us in the spring days. Therefore the umbrella has become a very important fashion item that you can enjoy in the rain. He is like a soft scarf, multicolored belts and handbags, an irreplaceable fashion accessory. In addition to protecting you from the rain, they can serve as an ideal gift for the person you care about.
So choose an umbrella in some cheerful color.Instead of boring and monochrome, get an interesting umbrella. Be brave and try something new! As my choice, heart-shaped only for romantic souls.
Today it is possible to find an umbrella to the taste of everyone, from simple to very interesting and very noticeable. Mass factories produce cheap umbrellas. However to our great joy, there are still shops where nice and expensive umbrellas are handmade. Choose the model that will suit your style of dress.

Find your new fashion accessory. Be modern and in the rain. And wait for the rain to start falling.


The secret to freedom is courage.
Freedom is not imposed.
All people have a natural desire to be free.
The essence of life is to be free and to make choices.
We are free if society does not impose injustice on us.
He who is in power can legislate for freedom.
People yearn for life without oppression, poverty, free speech and choice.
A man without freedom is a soul in chains.


It fascinated me, the old stone bridge in Baroque style and the narrow street leading to it. The street was crowded with people. An old lantern illuminated a stone bridge. It seemed lovely and romantic. The magnificent and beautiful stood proudly. And he lured the gaze of curious walkers. He had served for many years, many things had seen and heard. And one day he was no longer there. Everyone wondered where he disappeared? It’s not gone – I whispered. Quite simply he retired.


People’s dreams came to life. An unusual experience. A celestial walk through the vast expanse of heaven. They are hovering above the ground.

Dreams slowly come to fruition. Ballooning is an unforgettable experience.
The first proof that man can fly. Step slowly into the exciting world of summer.

Be brave, embark on a real adventure.Which you will remember for life in a large balloon basket. And fly around the world. IMG_20200128_200350_011.jpg



Legends are stories of all time. Like a fairy tale, a whisper a long past. Legends are like a time machine that carries us, they are decorated and mystical. They became the inspiration of painters, writers and musicians.

There are many myths and legends all over the world, they represent historical events. They hold something true and display power, courage and strength. They talk about brave people, works of saints, the existence of a place, etc.

Let us step into the wonderful world of legends, where love conquers hatred, truth overcomes falsehood.


Whether it is justice: fairness, truthfulness or rightness. Justice represents the supreme social value. We are all a bit unfair, we just refuse to admit it. Injustice hurts, only those who feel it. Justice is the fight for truth, equality of all, freedom of thoughts, etc. Justice is often seen as a constant effort to do what Is ,,right”. For justice is synonymous with truth, not rightness. Still the question arises. What is justice and how to achieve it?


Sometimes I like to eat ice cream for breakfast. I enjoy and share with those who are dear to me. Aside from being delicious and refreshing, it’s important to know that we enjoy ice cream. Ice cream says a lot about you and your character. Chocolate – you’re vibrant, vanille – creative, coffee – live for the moment, fruity – you’re tole- rant. Make ice cream with ingredients that will make you happy and enjoy yourself. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Ich cream Is loved once and for all.


Sleep town. Everything is kind of peaceful and quiet. Rain drops caress my face. I enjoy a leisurely stroll under the vinegar sky. That’s when the magic begins.

Sunlight shines through small droplets of rain and a rainbown appears. There is a belief that debt brings good luck. All we have to do is go under the rainbow and all the desires will be realized.

I love to walk under the vinegar sky. Maybe I can get through the rainbow and make all my dreams come true.


Friendship is created when you see the person in the right light. And no need for acting, to refrain from anything.

I happend to meet an old friend today. We enjoyed our time together, it filled us. Old memoris came to life.

My friend from the past, made my day. Such friendships last forever.

NOTEBOOK – Handwritten notes

It’s a beautiful sunny morning. After a long walk and a tour of the bookstore. I wanted to buy a notebook, my handy book. Combination of diaries and notes. But not ordinari but cpecial.

I finally found my notebook. In add-ition to the notebook, I also bought a set of ,, smatra stickers “. A notebook to collect ideas and thoughts. Not to forget about the deal and the commit-ments.

To plan my time and write down everything that is happening. Of course and some love verse.


There is nothing better when you smell a cup of freshli brewed cofee. Can you remember how old you were when you drank you first cup of coffee? That’s an important question.

With a cup of coffee many friendships spread, many love began. I drank my first cup of coffee at the age of 18. Most of all I love afternoon coffe, which I will share with family, friends or loved ones. The smell of coffee is something special.

Never refuse a cup of good coffee with a loved one, it is the cup of coffee that connects you.


LAMPA – Lifestyle

There Is nothing more beautiful than a cup of warm tea after a busy day. I like to read my favorite book while listening to music in the bedroom with the lamp at my fingertips.

My little crystal lamp looks like a real work of art. Apart from decorating my home, it has brought me countless joy and happiness.

Makes the space warmer and more beautiful, creating a welcoming atmosphere. It rays with a nice soft light that relaxes me, after a stressful and busy day.

Goodnight 💫❤️🌙


Today I finally understand. That I lost the love of the man I love. I don’t know where we went wrong. I do not feel anger but calm and peace. I’m tired of everything.

He gave me a very strong crystal at parting. Rosen Quartz – a symbol of love and beauty. It has magical power, it helps us to move more easily into the future.

It can help to find true love for the most exalted – unconditional. The love I need.


MASK – Let’s remove the maska

I do not have this need to prove myself and act now that I am not. A lot of people have a need to convert. In order to be accepted in a certain circle of people.

At the cost of losing their authenticity. They try to please others what others love and want for fear of rejection.

Flaws and failures are hidden, this is not talked about. It is importaun to learn to respect your self and your imperfection .

So take off your maska and be what you are.


It is not morning and dawn is far away. In wonder I look at the clock showing 24 hours. The dream never comes to mind.

I stared at the sky and wanted to see the star drop. And I want the biggest sincere wish.

I lay down and play “little night music,,- Mozart. The beauty of this composition lies in its simplicity and grace.

Good night….


The rose is the most beautiful decorative flowers accepted by man. Today se jave abaut 3000 varieties of roses of all colors, decorations and shades. The rose is today like in the old days, the rose is a planted, grovn or cut flower, one of the most beautiful ornamental flowers. I photographed a few roses today. I hop you like it.


Zinc is an extremely important mineral, due to its antioxidant properties that will help to immunity strengthen. It is present in all organs, and most of it occurs in erythrocytes (red blood cells), bones , muscles, liver and prostate in males. Zinc is another trace element in the human body after iron.

Unlike some substances, the body can not store zinc, which means it is necessary to take zinc every day through food. The human body contains about 2-3 grams of zinc . The recommended daily dose for women is 8 mg per day. In pregnant women, this number increases to 11 mg , and in the case of nursing 12 mg . Zinc intake in pregnancy will positively affect the health of the baby’s brain.

What are the basic roles of zinc in the body?

– Zinc is an integral part of over 200 proteins, so it is involved in the processes of regulation of growth and development, as well as stimulation of fertility, and it also helps digestion.

-Zinc is a substance that alleviates the symptoms of colds.

-Zinc is thought to have an antioxidant effect that protects against premature aging of the skin and muscles, although studies show different efficacy.

-Zinc in larger quantities accelerates the healing of wounds after injury.

– Zinc-containing preparations protect the skin from sunburn flying and frost in winter.

-If it is applied in a thin layer on the skin at every baby’s roaring, it protects against the onset of rash.

– Important for smokers – zinc is an antagonist (“opponent”) of cadmium. Cadmium is known to be one of the causative agents of lung and prostate cancer, and is present in cigars.

– There is a significant role in bone formation, as well as vitamin A activation in relation to vision processes.

-Men are zinc important for the prevention of benign prostatic hypertrophy and raising fertility through increased production of semen fluid.

Zinc in food: meat (organs), fish, liver, eggs, oysters, milk, raw cereals, wheat germ, soybeans, beans, sunflower seed, spinach, peas, beans, mushrooms, grape juice, wine, beer yeast


The Wolf is truly a synonym for intelligence, power, power, courage, and victory, but it is not even a cunning, cunning and cautiousness that is not a side effect.

Certainly, one of the most famous wolves in Roman history was Martha’s witch, who fed her brothers Romul and Rud, the founders of Rome with her milk. It is interesting to add that this patron sainted Mars wolf still stands today as a symbol of the city.

Wax tattoos – Wolves have a special place in the history of mankind. People have recognized the characteristics of the wolf and consider it a very loyal animal. The wolves were the first dog lovers who were impregnated, and then their intelligence, hardness and loyalty were particularly emphasized.The wolf used to be the symbol most commonly used in indigenous tribes. They were used in the form of a totem and symbolized the inner strength and strength of the heart at the persons who carried them.

The man is from a violently indifferent wolf for centuries and has systematically made diverse and numerous breeds of dogs, with none of them being so resistant, resourceful, nor intelligent or stronger than a wolf. Some of them are examples of dog species that are absolutely incapable of any naturally independent life and survival.

Otherwise, the wolf does not listen to anyone, nor wants anyone to serve. He is dedicated to protecting, defending, strengthening and sustaining his species with all the natural characteristics and character in his free territory.

Between the wolves in the pack there is a clear hierarchy that is established by an internal struggle where the stronger will never kill a weaker wolf. Namely, a stronger wolf with a strong bite until the beginning of a bone fracture, reminds the other that it is weaker than he accepts by laying on his back obeying unconditionally in order to be free from further attacks.

The wolves are in agreement with hunting, boating, raising and caring for the offspring and respect for the inner hierarchy. This is not the case with dogs, since these instincts have been lost in time. In the end, through the natural section of the strongest, the most healthy and the most capable in their species, with far more sharpening of all the senses in relation to dogs, the wolves provided extraordinary life abilities, resistance and adaptability.

Royal Eagle

The Royal Eagle or the Eagle Crusade is a big eagle from the family of hawks.The eagle’s cruiser mostly settles up to 1000 meters above sea level, where there is not too much noise. For the nest, he chooses a lonely tree with a wide field view.

It once inhabited the wide regions of Eurasia, and today the number of individuals is very low and threatens its extinction. The Royal Eagle is very similar to the raw eagle, but it is slightly smaller, up to 83 cm in length and up to 205 cm.

Males and females are similar in appearance, only females are a bit larger. The color of feathers changes with age; the cubs have a yellow-brown color and are wrapped in darker longitudinal patterns, while the head and neck of adult individuals are yellowish brown, and the body is dark brown with distinctive white straps.

The Royal Eagle is mainly fed to small mammals, birds, rodents and lizards, and in the absence of other choices and tricks. Its main habitat is south-eastern and central Europe, western and central Asia.

The Eagle Crusade was a symbol of many monarchies, such as the Roman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Because of its protective power, its strength and beauty, people chose the eagle of the crusader as a symbol on its coat-of-arms, or two-headed eagle, which indicates a long tradition of belief in its protective power.

Today, only 9 European countries have an eagle on their coat of arms: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania, and in the world of only 30 countries.

The killing and persecution of eagle cruisers is one of the greatest dangers, for this endangered species, in many areas. This danger exists in many areas of the Balkans, Turkey, Lebanon and Syria. Degradation of the habitat is one of the most severe and most complex hazards in almost the entire region.Destruction of forests (clean cutting, sanitary cutting, drastic screening, afforestation with inadequate species), expansion of modern agriculture (with chemistry, etc.), pasturing of pastures, construction of settlements, buildings, roads, etc. are a great danger, as they lead to loss of habitat. The robbery of eagle crust nests from specialized thieves is common in some countries of the Balkans and Russia.

Why is the bowl good?

The folk saying says “beans of the herd feed”, but because of the nutritious and medicinal ingredients of this plant, it would be quite justified to say that the beans feed and heal. Although often referred to as peasant and poor food, beans are one of the most useful foods, the most reliable source of protein and, for many, the most delicious food of our national cuisine.

The richness of minerals, vitamins, complex carbohydrates, and above all proteins, classify legumes as high-nutritional foods. Beans are rightly called vegetable meat, because apart from cysts and methionines, it contains all other amino acids.

Because of this property, it is perfectly combined with cereals such as barley, wheat, rye or corn. Due to high protein content, it is not necessary to combine it with meat, fish, milk or eggs.

Beans have partially soluble fibers , and because of the combination of fibers and folic acid reduces the risk of stroke, as well as heart and blood vessels diseases . It is recommended for diabetics and pregnant women, but not for kidney patients. In the shell, however, there is pectin, which is hardly digestible, so the bean is avoided in the digestive system. This is one of the favorite foods of vegetarians because it contains a large amount of protein. It does not contain gluten , so it is also suitable for eating people with celiac disease . Due to the reduced digestibility of the shell, it is desirable to eat it up to twice a week.

In the case of a lot of people, beans cause bloating and gases, and in order to get rid of it, while cooking it would be desirable to use spices such as cinnamon, leaf, ginger and garlic .

Baked beans recipe:

It’s needed

300 g of colorful beans, 300 g of noodle, big onion, 3 onions, 200 g of bacon, 500 g of dried ribs, two slices of sweet peppers, 2 potatoes


Pour the day before the beans with water and let it swallow. Fold the water on the next day, top up, add dry ribs and cook. Sit tightly on the onion and pour it on the oil. When it’s a bit hot, add sweet pepper and sour cabbage. Pour a cup of water and rub it. Add garlic and bacon, add them to cabbage, and dip it all together until the cabbage completely softens. When the beans and dry ribs are cooked, add cabbage, stir well and cook for another ten minutes. If you like, you can add two boiled potatoes to the beans.

How to make honey from butter

For this you will need:about 200 flowers butter , freshly picked; 2 lemons; 2 l of water; 2 kg of sugar.

Separate the flowers and wash them with cold water. In this way, you will remove all insects, dirt and impurities that may affect the quality of the final product.

After that, place them in the sherry and pour 2 liters of water (preferably distilled). Put the bowl on the stove and cook on a strong fire. When you notice boiling, leave for another 20 minutes on the rings and you can hold them half-shaded. After that, remove the shark and rinse the liquid through a sieve or strainer into another container.

Then pour 2 kg of sugar into this pot and place on the ring that is adjusted to the medium volume. Mix consistently until the moment you notice how the quantity has halved and the mass is dense . Then insert two lemons that you washed before and cut into slices. Be sure to add them along with the coral because they are full of vitamin C.

Continue stirring with a wiper until the mixture has reached the density of the honey. After that, remove the container from the fire, and honey from the butter while you are still hot in the clean glass jars. Close them well and take them to a dark and cold place.

If you are not a sweetener, do not give up on making this medicinal product. Namely, honey can be made without sugar. Modify the recipe by inserting a mead honey in the same amount of 2 kilograms instead. You can improve the flavor if you cut off one whole orange along with lemon.


The most important food in the diet of the Arab world is urma or datula. It is so important that it is called the “bread of the desert”, and in ancient Greece it is also known as “the fruit of the gods”. It grows in desert oases, on female palm trees, in huge clusters. The only plant in Sahara, which can help a person to survive. Palm trees bloom in March, when pollination is necessary for the creation of fruits. The transfer of pollen from male palm to female flowers is carried out by specially trained persons, and this is the only way of pollination.

People with a weak heart can use this incredible fruit. During the night, sink the semolina into the water. In the morning, remove the seeds, grind them in a blender along with the water where they stood during the night. Take this medicine several times a day to strengthen the heart.

For pregnant women is excellent food, which helps in preparing for the birth of the breath provides the body with all the necessary nutrients. They are also great for losing weight, problems with impotence and anemia.

Significant minerals make this type of fruit a superb food for bone strengthening and for fighting painful disorders such as osteoporosis. Urms contain selenium, manganese, copper and magnesium, minerals that are very important for the healthy development of bones and strength, especially in the elderly because their bones are gradually weak. So eat your urms and strengthen your bones!

Rich iron sources, and their daily consumption is a good preventative anemia (and therapy for those who suffer from the lack of this element) – 100 grams of urme contains about 10 percent of the recommended daily value of the iron.

It is interesting that even doctors advise patients who lie with fasting to break the post with natural fruit and water. Since we know that urms contain a large percentage of sugar that is easily absorbed, then we understand that urms and water are the best food for people who fast.

As urms are rich in nutrients, their oil is excellent for your hair as it strengthens its follicles and helps to eliminate hair problems. Therefore, always try to incorporate this fruit into your diet, to enjoy the incredible positive effects that this fruit has on your hair.


This widespread plant grows in all areas, from lowland to highland, often in a large number of grasslands, meadows, gardens, and slopes. Dandelion has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times. The ancient Greeks and Romans already knew of many medicinal properties, and records of the use of butter were also found in Arabic doctors. In the 17th century, the Italians used this plant as vegetables, and after the Napoleonic wars the poor layers feed on it.

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), was named after the French dent delion, meaning lion’s tooth, which refers to its toothed leaves.

Dandelions are perennial and herbaceous flowers that grow very well in temperate climates such as those found in Europe and North America, where the flower is native.
People used dandelions for centuries, thanks to their health benefits and unique flavor.

Shea butter leaves A, C, D and vitamin B complex, then iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium, manganese, copper … Because of the numerous nutrients that contain itself, leafy butter is usually recommended as a dietary supplement for pregnant women and women in postmenopausal, most often in the form of a salad. Salad of leaves butter is tastier if it is made before the flowering of the plant because later leaves can get a bitter taste.

The young leaves are edible and loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, the roots can be ground into a (quite tasty) coffee substitute. Herbalists still use dandelions to treat skin conditions, asthma, low blood pressure, poor circulation, ulcers, constipation, colds and hot flushes.

Dandelion sap, also known as dandelion milk, is useful in treating skin diseases which are caused by microbial and fungal infections. You should be careful while using this sap and avoid any contact with the eyes. This sap can be used on itches, ringworm, eczema, and other skin conditions without the risk of side effects or hormonal disturbances.

Young leaves, gathered in the spring, are an excellent source of vitamins, tasty and good for preparing salads, while leafy leaves are bitter and can cause nausea.

Sweet butter salad
Young butterfly leaves, two radishes, a walnut tree root, olive oil, apple apples and soya. Wash butterflies in cold water, “snap” and place in a pot. Add the rootstocks to the rings, sprinkled with nuts, olive oil, apple juice and chop.

There are no side effects if it is reasonably used. In large doses it can cause skin rash, stomach problems, diarrhea, liver problems. If these problems occur, stop using and consult your doctor.

Dandelion tea is to help detoxify their liver and make their body function back on track. Dandelion tea is a powerful diuretic, which will help the body eliminate toxins more rapidly and improve healthy kidney function. Dandelion tea also increases the concentration of certain detoxifying enzymes in the liver.

Tea from the roots and leaves of butter (radix taraxaci cum herba) is known as tea for release of liquid and tea for strengthening.

For one cup of tea, pour one or two teaspoons of root and green parts of the plant with hot water and leave it to stand for fifteen minutes. Tea should be served in the morning and evening by one cup, preferably half an hour before meals, 4 to 6 weeks.

Root butter, like all other bitter drugs, increases appetite and works well on digestion. Dandelion is a very popular mild laxans against atonic dyspepsia and diuretic. It is given in the form of tea or extract.

Mont Saint-Michel,France

Mont Saint Michel, a picturesque fortified rocky outcrop that dates back to the Middle Ages. It is a wonder of Gothic architecture on three floors, dedicated to the Archangel Michael.

One of France’s most iconic sights, the stunning UNESCO World Heritage listed island of Mont Saint Michel and its bay.Magnificent medieval abbey at the island’s summit, a historical masterpiece. Magic of the island and the breath-taking sight of the Bay of Mont Saint Michel.

French historic monument since 1874, the Abbey of the Mont-Saint-Michel is an architectural gem dating back to medieval times. Looking down from on high over the immense bay that surrounds. The long history of a Christian presence on the Mont-Saint-Michel is believed to date back to 708. In the 10th century, Benedictine monks established an abbey on the Mount.

The Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel would become a place of worship, prayer, and pilgrimage over the years. Benedictine monks, who have been there since 966 and translated Aristotle’s texts, and the relics of Saint-Michel, attracted the faithful in search of spirituality. One can see the vestiges of the One-Hundred Year War during a visit. And in 1204, the abbey was attacked by war-hungry Breton knights acting under the command of Guy de Thouars.

It was under the reign of King Louis XI that Mont Saint-Michel became France’s version of Alcatraz. Transformed into a detention center, it took in prisoners until 1860.. When the prison closed a century later following an imperial decree, the 650 prisoners were transferred to the continent. Victor Hugo, an ardent lover of the abbey, was one of many who called for the prison’s closure.

The time of the French Revolution there were scarcely any monks in residence. The abbey was closed and converted into a reformatory, initially to hold clerical opponents of the republican régime. High-profile political prisoners followed, but by 1836 influential figures, including Victor Hugo, had launched a campaign to restore what was seen as a national architectural treasure. The prison was finally closed in 1863, in 1874. The Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay were added to the list of World Heritage Sites in 1979.

De Haar Castle

The current building of the Castle de Haar is located near Haarzuilens in the Netherlands. It was designed and erected in 1892 by architect Pierre J.H. Cuypers as a Neo-Gothic restoration project.

De Haar Castle is a beautiful castle with its towers, turrets, moats, gates and suspension bridges, it resembles a true medieval castle. De Haar Castle is the biggest and most luxurious castle of the Netherlands. This castle is located at the little villages Haarzuilens near Utrecht.

Baron Fredrich Van Zuylen Van de Haar married Helene Rothschild in 1892. It was Helene’s family that funded this reconstruction project which began then and was completed 15 years later.

De Haar Castle (Kasteel de Haar) has the look of a true medieval castle with a presence that’s quite unique. The castle itself dates to the 19th century , but was designed and constructed to be identical to the medieval ruins it’s built upon. The castle, was owned by the Van Zuylen and Rothschild families. The architect who designed the castle also designed the Rijksmuseum and Amsterdam’s Centraal Station. One of the things that gives the castle its authentic medieval feel is the fact that everything was handmade in the techniques used in medieval times (even the silverware).

Once inside the castle grounds, the first building you enter is the stables where the horses were kept. But the building and its courtyard – which now serves as the café, gift shop, and visitors entrance – is so picturesque that at first you don’t even realize its historical function was for horses, not people!

There is a 135-acre park and gardens surrounding the castle that are well worth a visit in their own right.

Swarovski Kristallwelten Theme Park, Wattens, Austria

If you like crystals, this is the perfect place for you.

More than 13 million people have visited this shining example of Swarovski’s magical place where you will be bewildered by the sights and sounds.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds have developed to become one of the greatest tourist attractions in the whole of Austria.

“The Giant,” a face landscaped on the hillside with crystals for eyes and a water fountain for a mouth, greets you as you approach the entrance of the museum. A visit to Swarovski Crystal Worlds represents just the start of the adventure.

Experience a breathtaking world of crystals in Wattens near Innsbruck. in 1995 .Already the entrance of the museum amazes the visitors, as it features the shape of a huge spouting head of an alpine giant, created by the Austrian artist, writer and actor André Heller.

Entrance leads underground through the mouth of a giant monster with crystal eyes and the highlight is André Heller’s Crystal Dome, which sparkles with ever-changing light reflected from the stones, accompanied by moody music from Brian Eno. Other exhibits include the eerie Ice Passage, illuminated with millions of sparkles and with crystals crunching under foot by Olivier Irschitz, and Susanna Schmögner’s cute Crystal Theater, featuring sparkling zebras and gleaming red stiletto shoes.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds – which is in Wattens – birthplace of the famous family-owned crystal company established in 1895 and where the family still lives.

To celebrate 100 years of crystal success, the Swarovski family commissioned the Austrian avant-garde multimedia star, Andre Heller, to create a crystal experience like no other.

There are 16 rooms in Swarovski’s Chambers of Wonder, each designed by great artists from around the world.

Crystal Worlds was first opened back in 1995 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company’s founding. Like something out of a fairy tale, the park’s main attraction is the “Chambers of Wonder” exhibition, which is contained within a green hill, the entrance of which is made to look like a crouching giant. The exhibition itself consists of over a dozen different rooms decked out in Swarovski crystals.

Next to the opening of Swarovski Crystal Museum, you will find the ‘Planet of Crystals’, which is an exciting 3-D projection that links the images of the history of the world. Whether it’s delicate crystal or a royal solitaire; the exquisiteness of crystals are truly unparalleled. One of the special highlight of the known Swarovski Crystal Museum is the Crystal Theatre with shelters many glistening figures.

The garden also encompasses attractions for children, including a maze in the shape of a hand and an activity-based play tower, offering climbing, swinging, sliding and other activities.

Enjoy a range of cultural activities throughout the year, including an open-air cinema in August and the Festival of Light in January and February.

Examples of Swarovski crystal can be bought in the store. A chamber-music festival takes place early every May.Enter a fantasy world that has fascinated millions of visitors, and discover the gardens of the “Giant,” a family-friendly play-tower, café and restaurant, and more.

Wat Rong Khun:The White Temple of Thailand

Architectural design representing the creativity and vision of one gifted Thai artist.Wat Rong Khun is a unique temple that stands out through the white color and the use of pieces of glass in the plaster, sparkling in the sun. The white color signifies the purity of the Buddha, while the glass symbolizes the Buddha’s wisdom and the Dhamma, the Buddhist teachings.

The White Temple is the creation of Thai artist, Chalermchai Khositpipat who was born in 1951 in the village of Rong Khun in Chiang Rai province. The project is an act of faith by the internationally acclaimed artist who has invested large amounts of his own money to create the temple. Work began on the new Wat Rong Khun temple in 1997, but the artist knows that there are still many years to go before the project is completed and he has made plans for work to continue in the event of his death.

The paintings on the walls inside represent a mix of traditional Thai Buddhist art and contemporary scenes like a plane crashing into the twin towers, the war for Oil, many movie/comics characters like Neo, Batman, Superman and Star Wars droids.

Next to the white temple, on the other side of the pond, is also a the “Gharavasa” (the layman quarters) where an Art gallery, a preaching hall and a “golden public restroom” are located.

To enter the temple, you must walk over a bridge and pool of reaching arms (symbolising desire), where inside, instead of the traditional Buddha life depictions, the artist has painted contemporary scenes representing samsara (the realm of rebirth and delusion). Images such as a plane smashing into the Twin Towers and, oddly enough, Keanu Reeves as Neo from The Matrix (not to mention Elvis, Hello Kitty and Superman, among others).

The artist rose to prominence in the late 1980s, with commissions that included a Thai temple in London. His work, which blended traditional Buddhist decorative motifs with contemporary images, was controversial, especially in Thailand where rigid conformity to perceived ‘tradition’ is expected. However, over time his work became more accepted and he has even received commissions from the king. The temple suffered minor damage in an earthquake in 2014.

The monks at the temple can spare a word or two if you are keen to interact and when you wish to experience the worldly things at the temple premise, head to the restrooms, painted in Gold. And as you will be returning after this most unique and amazing experience, the White Temple that is symbolic to the teachings of Buddhism, and achieving the state of Nirvana will be etched in your memories forever.

This temple-like building is supposed to represent the Body (as opposed to the white temple that represents the Mind). Charlemchai built the two bots (white and gold) in hope to teach people to let go and not cling to substance or money, and not to perceive the physical body as an assumed identity.

Mae Fah Luang Art & Cultural Park, 5 km west of town, has lovely two lakes, a barge and several large Shan-style small ponds. There is interesting Haw Kam Golden Temple with two Shan halls containing accoutrements collected by Princess Maha Chakri and examples of Lanna craftsmanship: seven-armed candelabra, Buddha images, wooden alters, embroidered cloth for wrapping Buddhist scriptures, carved wood screens, swords, and monks’ fans.

Park Keukenhof, Amsterdam, Holland

Known in the whole world, it is one of the most beautiful royal flower parks. In the first place it is recognizable by its fields of tulip, which grows over seven million flowers and rare hybrids.

Winters in the Netherlands can be long, dark, and rainy.Keukenhof Garden is the most beautiful spring garden in the world.

This is one of the world’s largest flower gardens, opened only from mid March to mid May. Every year, more than 7 million flower bulbs are planted in this park.

Keukenhof is the largest bulb flower garden park in the world, set in 32 hectares and originally opened in 1949. It is located in the small town of Lisse about 25km south-west of Amsterdam.

Keukenhof is located in South Holland in the small town of Lisse, south of Haarlem and southwest of Amsterdam. It is accessible by bus from the train stations of Haarlem, Leiden and Schiphol or with a direct transfer from Amsterdam City Center. Keukenhof is located in an area called the “Dune and Bulb Region” (Duin- en Bollenstreek).

In addition to the huge flower garden, the Keukenhof is also the largest statue garden of the Netherlands. You can admire many statues made by national and international artist.

Keukenhof in the Netherlands claims to be the world’s largest flower park. Each year, Keukenhof is open only two months in spring each year to show off the best of Dutch tulips, crocuses, narcissus (daffodils), and other bulb flowers.

The gardens are beautifully landscaped and contain some 7 million flowers – all hand planted – including many rare varieties of tulips and a fine collection of orchids.

The best time to visit Keukenhof depends on the weather but mid-April is usually the most reliable for tulips. The garden is usually quieter early morning or late afternoon than around lunch time.

Spring flowers are a product by nature, the weather has got a big influence on it. When the weather is cold the tulips are growing much slower than when the weather is warm. A cold winter and springtime will cause that the flowers are blossoming later than normal. A warm winter and springtime causes the opposite.

Keukenhof is one big party for childeren. Keukenhof garden is a great day out for the whole family.

Gardens and parks are a wonderful example of how a man , in close connection with nature. Some of them are so beautiful that , I can call today’s miracles of the world.

Russia – Ai-Petri bridge that leads to the sky

View of the peak itself is an incredible sight to see. Petri-Ai (Ai Petri Krim) is one of the most beautiful mountain peaks Crimean, 1234.2 m high. The name is of Greek origin and translates as Sv. Peter.

In addition to the somewhat troublesome winds, the high peak is also one of the foggiest places in the Ukraine, giving the heights an air of mystery and danger. But for all the foggy and blustery conditions on the 4,000 foot elevation, it offers amazing views the surrounding cities of Yalta and Alupka, as well as the Black Sea.

Four mountain have a height of 7 to 19 m.Before 150-160 million years ago near the Ai-Petra there are active volcanoes. Remains to be seen near the village of Melas and Foros. There is a cable car which takes passengers from the station near Alupka to major fields in the Ai-Petri.

The most well known feature is a tall cross that has been planted in the actual peak, which is a lone stone pillar. Sightseers can reach the via a pair of wood-slate cable bridges that stretch out over the often cloudy void. It certainly does not look to be for the faint of heart. The cable bridges were built in recent years, and allows for safe passage to the cross that was long-ago erected on a rock formation.

At Ai-Petri is no maximum number of foggy days (not only in Crimea, but also in Ukraine). Ai-Petri, entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest windy place in Ukraine.The wind blows for 125 days in a year and up to speeds of 100 miles per hour.

Kelimutu in Indonesia – Lakes of turquoise to black, it is believed that souls live in them

Indonesia is a country that almost 2 million square kilometers has 17,508 islands. Unique volcano Kelimutu is located within the homonymous National Park, on the island of Flores.

Three mysterious lakes are located in Kelimutua craters on the island of Flores in Indonesia. They settled at a height of more than 1600 meters, in the vicinity of the 14 active volcanoes.

The lakes are located in a national park that is a popular tourist destination, as well as a popular destination for trekking thanks to the beauty of the plant and animal world.

This phenomenon, researchers explain various chemical reactions, which result from the minerals contained in the pond, fueled by the activity of volcanic gas.

While the local population, results symbolism in the mood of the holy ghost. Kelimutu is the most important holy place on the island, but most religious ceremonies moved to the local temple due to the growing number of tourist visits.

Kelimutu comes from the word “keli” meaning mountain and “mutu” meaning together. For residents of Flores This is a sacred mountain, a place of ancestors, because they believe that the souls of the dead go to one of the three lakes, depending on how they behaved during their lifetime. Consequently, the lake is called – Tiwi Ata Mbupu (Lake of old people) and it is located 1.5 km west of the other two. Is characterized by a maximum temperature of water as well as in the white foam from increased thermal activities. The other two of the lake are next to each other and are called Tiwu Nua Mura Kooh Tai (Lake men and women – where soul leaving those who died young) and Tiwu Ati Polo ( Lake evil spirits or bewitched lake inhabiting evil souls ). Although are a part of the same withers and are located on the same mountain,from the same volcano with the same composition of the soil , lakes, often change colors vary from red, blue, black, turquoise, green and blue, independently of one another.

Simbola Londona Tower Bridge

London is a city rich in history, the city wins its tradition and is always in fashion. London is a city that stands proudly on the banks of the Thames. London has beautiful bridges but definitely the most romantic Tower Bridge. It’s a nice day, but at night is magical. Tower Bridge is named after nearby the Castle Tower

The bridge was designed on paper, architect Horace Jones. In terms of engineering built by Sir John Wolfe Barry. For Barry may have never heard of, but his resume is quite impressive; except Tower Bridge, in fact, could be proud of the fact that he was the architect of the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament).

Construction began in 1886. Only the structures that support two massive towers spent 70,000 tons of concrete. Build the bridge is primarily steel and contains 11,000 tons of steel, although its appearance is dominated by a stone facade, which also protects the steel structure and has an aesthetic role. Made of granite and stone. The works lasted 8 years old, participated in the construction of the five contractors and 432 workers. Jones died in 1887 and the works were completed by his colleague John Wolfe-Barry who was responsible for the Victorian facade. The bridge was opened by the then Prince of Wales, the future King Edward VII on 30 June 1894.

Tower Bridge in London connects the shore of the River Thames since 1894 and is one of the most beautiful and most recognizable bridges in the world. Specific by its two towers and a combination of suspension and bascule bridge.

243-meter-long bridge is actually built on two supporting tower height of 65 meters, which are connected above the tunnels, but the street that has the ability to open up to 86 degrees so that larger ships can pass the Thames.Distance interaction between state tower is 61 m. To open, the bridge need just 5 minutes. Today, the bridge opens only when necessary and with prior notice 24 hours before.

Daily over the bridge cover more than 40,000 people a year visited by about 600,000 visitors. Crossing the bridge is free. At the bridge towers located within the museum.

Tower Bridge got a new floor made of transparent glass, which provides a special view of the river and breathtaking visitors who are afraid of heights. Setting the glass floor in the tower of Tower Bridge, costing a million pounds, and it is a long glass plates at 11 and two meters wide.

Taj Mahal: A symbol of power and love

At the entrance to the mausoleum is the inscription: “Honey, you rest in the art. Return to the Lord in peace and may He be with you.”

One of the charms of the Taj Mahal is that it is constantly changing shades. From dawn to dusk, the sun transforms the mausoleum. At dawn seems to have a pearly gray and pale pink color, dazzling white at noon, a bronze-orange when the sun goes down. In the evening takes on a bluish hue.

One of the seven wonders of the world. This is not the classic architectural work, as most buildings

According to local legend, he wanted to build another temple across the river Jamuna, he was made of black marble. There was a delay in the realization of the idea when the Shah overthrown and imprisoned at the nearby Agra Fort. Years, 1658.throne takes Shan Jahan’s son, and he was taken into custody. He lived for another eight years, and the only view that there was, was the eternal abode of his beloved, Mumtaz

Five buildings makes the Taj Mahal complex. These five integral parts of the main gate or Darvaza, garden Bakic, a mosque – Masjid, holiday house – Makar Khan Mausoleum and the grave Rauza.

Using many different types of precious stones which create beautiful images within mausoleum part of the technique known as,” Pietro dura”. The level of complexity is truly remarkable. In one, a decorative element size of 3 cm can be found more than 50 jewels.

It was built in the name of eternal love, between 1631 and 1654, and his insouciant 22,000 people participated.

This elegant ivory temple built by Shah Jahan for his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal. Mahal died after the birth of her 14th child, chess ordered to be built above her grave graves such as the world has not seen.Despite what is now famous around the world, much of the history of the Taj Mahal continues to be shrouded in secrecy.

Inside the Taj Mahal, the graves (cenotaphs) erected in honor of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan are set in an octagonal chamber decorated with semi-precious stones. These beautiful monuments are just for show, because the graves are empty. Sarcophagi in which lie the bodies of spouses, are in the room below.

The minarets which surround the mausoleum look perfectly straight, but they are actually slightly tilted outwards. This is done for two reasons: love of aesthetics, but also prevention, so that in case of an earthquake, poles collapsed away from the heart of the mausoleum.

According to a famous legend, Shah Jahan wanted to Taj Mahal becomes a masterpiece in the world.

Cologne Cathedral – was designed in the form of a Latin cross.

Cologne is the largest city in the German federal state of North Rhine – Westphalia. It is one of the oldest cities in Germany, which was founded by the Romans in 50 AD.Cologne Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church in Cologne, Germany and the seat of the Archbishop the Cologne. It is known as a monument of Christianity, namely the German Catholicism, was built in the Gothic style. Saints of the cathedral were Simon Peter and the Virgin.

The construction of the Cologne Cathedral began in 1248 year. and lasted, with many interruptions, until 1880., which makes the period of 600 years. It was a long 144.5, 86.5 meters wide and its two towers are 157 meters high over the cathedral is one of the world’s largest churches and the largest Gothic church in northern Europe.Cathedral, which towers high up above the river Rhine, survived the Allied bombing in World War II even though the city was virtually razed to the ground.Cologne after the cathedral in Ulm, the second highest in Europe and third in the world. After the surface of the third Gothic cathedrals of Europe, after the cathedral in Seville and Milan. It is located about 250 meters from the Rhine.

The most famous is a huge gilded altar holy Three Kings in the form of a sarcophagus from the 13th century, which is also the largest symbol in Western Europe. It contains the bones and 2,000-year-old clothes that are believed to have belonged to the holy Three Kings, and are exposed at the opening of the church in 1864

Legend says that the relics of the Three Wise Men – a group of prominent foreigners who traveled from the East to Bethlehem only in order to greet the arrival of Jesus Christ into the world, bringing him gifts in the form of gold, frankincense and myrrh – originally contained in Constantinople.

Cologne Cathedral has twelve bells, four of which are from the Middle Ages. It is the oldest bell three kings, difficult to 3.8 tons, cast in 1418 and raised in 1437 and re-cast in 1880. The other two old bells were installed in 1448, and did their weight is 10.5 and 5.6 tonnes. The largest among them bears the name of St. Peter and is the largest bell in the world. This bell is heard only on special occasions – such as Christmas and Easter. Thick Petar – how affectionately call this bell is difficult to 24 thousand kg.

The cathedral is open daily from 7-19: 30 pm.
The interior of the cathedral is just as beautiful as the outside. There is a possibility of climbing a spiral staircase (509 steps) to one of the towers. In 2007, it has raised 169 square meters of stained glass. Since 1966, the cathedral is on the UNESCO list of world heritage.

Venice – The bride must

Venice and the Veneto province owes its name to the tribe Veneti. Venita tribe inhabited the area before the conquest by ancient Rome Venice is masterpiece. Imposed by the people. Nature was initially hostile to its progress. Venice is known as the floating city.The reason is simple: it consists of 118 small islands separated and connected with countless canals and bridges. However, buildings that are located in that city are not built directly on the islands. Already on wooden platforms that support the wooden poles abode in the sand.

Of course, if you dream of the true spirit of the city on the water, there are gondolas.You can enjoy black and gilded gondolas. You can indulge your imagination as you drive gondolas leaning comfortably into the soft cushions. Grand Canal, the longest canal.

The first thing you see when you approach Venice by boat, is the Basilica of St. Mary of Health (Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute), known only as the Salute, the famous Venetian church. It is located on the site where the Grand Canal merges with the Bay of St. Mark, and proudly welcomes travelers and opens all the splendor of Venice.

St. Mark’s Square, the only market in the city which is large enough to be called a piazza. All other squares in Venice, due to the smaller size, are called campi.The main ceremony of the Venetian carnival is held precisely in this market. And there is also a stage where performances and performance. In addition to tourists, you will be in the company’s pigeons, and will oversee the numerous statues of a lion with wings. The main symbol of St. Mark’s, and even Venice itself.

Basilica of St. Brand is the dominant buildings on the square. Certainly among the most beautiful and interesting world church, and draws attention to its special appearance.St Mark’s Church is the most famous church in Venice. Church of the facade facing St. Mark’s Square, while the rest of the building is located within the complex of the Doge’s Palace.


Bavarian King Ludwig II, in the 19th century built the castle of Neuschwanstein, so he could escape into his world of fairy tales.

The story of this building actually starts with the castle ,Hochenschwangau, whose existence is documented in the 12th century and which until 1535 was owned by the Knights of Schwangau. Crown Prince Maximilian II of Bavaria bought the castle in 1832, which was in ruins and reconstructed it after the original designs.He later became the residence of the royal family, after the death of King Maximilian, residence of King Ludwig II and his mother. Since 1923, the trust fund, Wittelsbacher Ausgleichsfonds to safeguard the assets of the royal family. Today it is a quiet, hidden and beautiful city, and from time immemorial.King Ludwig II was born on 25 August 1845 in the mansion Nymphenburg, as the first child of the future King Maximilian II of Bavaria and his wife Mary, Princess of Hanover-Braunschweig lines of the Prussian royal family. His brother was born three years later. The most beautiful part of his childhood spent in Hoenšvangauu. He considered the most beautiful city. Contributed to the decoration of the castle walls depicting mythological world of German history in the Middle Ages. After his father’s death, at 18 years old and became the king of Bavaria. In January 1867, he married his cousin Sophia and divorced soon after, in October of the same year. At that time, the raging war between France and Prussia, the young Ludvig made plans to build a castle.

In the spring of 1868 completed the first draft of construction of Neuschwanstein. The foundation stone was set on September 5 next year, and the construction lasted 19 years. Of the planned 228 rooms were completed only 15 . Above the town Fusen, there are mountains, some of which reach up to 2000 m. It covers an area of 5935 m², at an altitude of 965 m. Wrong investment took its toll. Ludvig has spent money relentlessly. Ludvig considers himself a visionary, misunderstood, several times attempted suicide.Doctoral Commission, headed by Dr. Fon guilders, declared on 10 June 1886. Ludwig insane. Efforts to take him to prison collapsed. They’re closing him in prison in the castle. Soon becomes free. The second attempt is successful. Ludwig was taken to prison castle Berg. The next day he is found dead with Dr. Fon guilders. To the death occurred under very mysterious circumstances.

German castle Neuschwanstein is located in southwest Bavaria near Füssen, near the border with Austria. He is known as a symbol of idealized romantic architecture, but also because of the tragic story of its owner. New swan, is a dream come true Bavarian King Ludwig II. It is considered the most beautiful and most spectacular castle in the world and was the inspiration for Walt Disney Sleeping Beauty castle.

Neuschwanstein castle Bavarian King Ludwig II, the castle architectural elements overwrites the Holy City from the opera Parsifal famous German composer Richard Wagner. Initial sketches of the castle was made in 1868, the Munich court theater stage designer Christian Jank, and architectural drawings turned Eduard Riedel, who led the work until 1872. The construction was continued until 1886. Two other architects. The construction of the castle was completed, the death of Ludwig II in 1886.

Since 1886, the castle Neuschwanstein was opened to the public. Today the castle is one of the most famous German attractions, and annual visits of more than a million tourists. Was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Bavarian King Ludwig II Friends Wilhelm Richard Wagner, German composer and conductor

One of the biggest artists in opera (or “music dramas” as he liked to call his own opera), in his work laid the foundations of classical music of the 20th century. For all his operas himself wrote the libretto (text). To this end, raised its own opera house. In addition, Wagner was also a great conductor. He performed a reform of opera.

Wilhelm Richard Wagner (German, Wilhelm Richard Wagner, Leipzig, 22 May 1813 – Venice, 13 February 1883) was a German composer, poet, essayist, music theorist and conductor.

When he was 15 years old the first time he came into close contact with the music of Ludwig van Beethoven, which was to the point hit that he decided to become a composer. Even later, Wagner believed that the root of his music, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Wagner never had any real musical education, his knowledge of music gained over several months time

Wagner worked on the Ring des Nibelungen until 1856. By that time he had finished, Rhenish gold and Valkyrie, and the first two acts of Siegfried. That same year he decided to temporarily suspend work on the Ring and write a special work: Tristan and Isolde.
The inspiration is found in a relationship with Matilda Vezendonk, wife Ota Vezendonka. Matilda is Wagner responded with love, but did not want to destroy her marriage to Otto), served as the inspiration for a new Wagner opera. Inspiration in Wagner’s love for Mathilde found are Vezendonk songs (nem. Wesendonck-Lieder), a collection of five songs written by Matilda (writer and poet), for which Wagner wrote the music. Wagner’s marriage to Minna Planer was seriously threatened. Vagner I went to Vienna 1858godine. They began to live separately from 1862godine. Mini provides financial assistance until her death in 1866

Vagner the year 1861, he began to write his brightest work, comedy Mastersingers of Nuremberg. He tried to conduct Tristan und Isolde in Vienna. Opera had seventy rehearsals, in 1864 production has fallen because the work was considered unfeasible.
Composer in 1864, lives in Germany, poor in financial difficulties, close to suicide.
At that moment, while he was at the bottom, receives a letter from 18-year-old Bavarian King Ludwig II, who has since become his patron and resolve financial problems.The king immediately repay debts composer. Wagner performed a new work in Munich, Ludwig II invites composers to live in Munich. Tristan and Isolde are implemented with great success. Ludwig II, as a child fell in love with Wagner’s work, especially in Lohengrin, whom he identified himself. Later he built the famous Neuschwanstein castle inspired by the Wagner opera.

After several relationships before and after the death of his wife Mine, Vagner in Tribšenu, near Lucerne, lives with Cosimo, daughter of Franz Liszt and wife of the conductor Hans von Bill’s. Otherwise his friend, one of Wagner’s most ardent lovers, who conducted the premiere of “Tristan and Isolde”. The couple gave birth to three children Isolde, Eva and Siegfried, before they were married.For Wagner married on 25 August 1870. As a result of this marriage, List and Wagner did not communicate for years.
List is finally getting settled in Bayreuth, Bayreuth Wagner later will have great significance. Married with Cosimo remained until his death.Vagner on 8 November 1868, met with young philologist Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche Wagner considered the only person who understood his philosophy and saw in him a rebirth of European culture. Finally had a stable life. Wagner is working on the Ring des Nibelungen. At the insistence of King Ludwig, Rhine gold and Valkyrie were performed in Munich, although it was not Wagner’s wishes (he wanted to carry out the whole cycle once). Therefore, after the completion of Siegfried, decided that the public is not informed of the progress of its work on the Ring. Also, for performance cycles Vagner could not perform in any theater, decided to build their own, built specifically for the performance of the Ring. In 1871 he decided to build an opera house in Bayreuth, a small place near Munich. Richard Wagner visited Bayreuth on 17 April 1870, because he had read about the city’s Opera House Bayreuth, and she seemed suitable for his operas.

However, the space could not accommodate all the musicians that he had planned.
Wagner suggested that the city build up an even bigger opera hall. The city agreed and allocated space outside of the village, so called. “Green Hill”.

He collected money for the construction of the opera, maintaining concerts, Wagner went on tour in Germany. Were founded associations for raising funds. True financial aid, however, was provided by King Ludwig in 1874. In the same year the family moved to Wagner in Bayreuth, in a villa that Richard was baptized wanfried (nem. Wahnfried, literally “peace of madness”). The cornerstone of the festival hall was laid on 22 May 1872, and the hall was completed and officially opened 1876.

Theater, which is called the Bayreuth Festspielhaus, opened in 1876. The premiere of the complete Ring des Nibelungen, which lasted from 13 to 17 August. It was the first Bayreuth Festival and the annual ceremony of Wagner’s work. Since 1951 in the summer, held an opera by Richard Wagner Festival. To purchase tickets waiting for about eight years.

Benjamin Franklin- One of the founders of the USA

17januar1706. was born Benjamin Franklin, one of the people who had a major role in the creation of the United States. Birthplace of Benjamin Franklin was in the street called Milk Street in Boston. City of Boston was at that time the capital of the British crown colony Massachus. He died in Filadelfijai April 17, 1790. Benjamin Franklin was a remarkable man. Since he was born in a poor large family, received a good education, mostly from books. In the life of Benjamin Franklin was modest and unassuming.

He was the tenth son of a man who is engaged in production of soap and candles. He did not have access to education, and is largely self-taught Benjamin Franklin. As a boy of ten years, he was an apprentice to his father, at age 11, he started working in the printing of his half-brother. In 1721 he founded the newspaper that published 14 of his essays.After a quarrel with her brother, moved to Philadelphia in 1723 year. He spent a year and then went to London for two years. When he returned to Philadelphia he continued to publish his works.

Besides being one of the founders of the United States, Benjamin Franklin was also a prolific inventor and thus invented bifocals in 1785 (which are used for vision correction at two distances: closeness and distance) Franklin claimed to have been invented because he was tired of changing glasses, odometer (measuring instrument which measures the length of a motor vehicle odometer) and the flexible urinary catheter, made the first machine for reproduction. First introduced street lighting and reorganized the US postal system. One of the first promoter of environmental awareness, has established the libraries and hospitals, organized the first fire department, and before his death, managed to push through a law that prohibits slaver

His most famous scientific work related to electricity. Franklin first determines the identity of the lightning with electricity, sets up a new theory of electricity, proving the existence of the positive and negative electricity, the main features of the Gulf Stream (this is done by using the famous experiment with a kite), and finds the lightning rod.

In 1752 he went with his son in the field. He took a plastic kite with a metal tip. Dragon he needed to let him go into the clouds abundant lightning. Like every other misunderstood mind ahead of his time, he feared ridicule but the venture did not speak to anyone.
The experiment did not initially promised. When it thought to give up, he noticed unusual behavior thread tied to the edges. It was as if they were connected to electricity. No, it was not sufficient evidence. Franklin wanted to fully consolidate his theory. He put the key on a kite and let him even more and waited. Patience has paid off. In the end, the key is clearly seen the spark, but because of the moisture from the rain ends, along with the key, started to accumulate a considerable amount of electricity. He proved that his theory is correct

In 1775 he became a member of the US Congress and an author, Declaration of Independence .
He founded the first public library in America, the Philosophical Society of Pennsylvania and the “Academy”, which became the University of Pennsylvania.
As diplomatic representative in France from 1776 to 1785, using his personal reputation and popularity, has done a great service to the United States in its war for independence. Returning to America, Franklin participated in the creation of the US Constitution in 1787, the last years of his life published a series of articles in favor of the abolition of slavery

Daylight Saving Time was first mentioned in 1784. Benjamin Franklin because he was bothered that we are losing a lot of daylight and suggested that in the spring the clock moves forward.
In a letter to the editors of the Journal of Paris, as it was a humorous article, it is not clear whether Franklin really wanted something to propose to the French. This article proposed by William Willett in the article “Waste of Daylight” (Loss of daylight), published in 1907, but failed to persuade the British government to accept it. The idea of daylight saving time was first recorded in Germany during the First World War, in 1916. He soon followed suit, and the United Kingdom, the same year.

We can say that Benjamin Franklin was a great man who with his attitude and way of thinking
was ahead of its time. For his long life Benjamin Franklin has achieved a lot.