An ideal gift for any occasion.

Fork for holding when cutting ie for serving.

Knife for hard cheeses. Ideal for cutting hard and semi-hard cheeses such as Parmesan, Edamer, Gouda, Pecorino, Cheddar. Cutting such cheeses is very difficult, so they are usually broken into pieces.

Spatula for cutting cheese. Great for cutting soft and medium soft cheeses. For cutting semi-hard cheeses that break down easily and disintegrate when we try to cut them. Such as Brie, Cedar, Mozzarella, Feta. It is perfect for cutting cheeses with noble mold.

And of course a serving and cutting board that you can’t live without.

We will serve the appetizer on a bamboo board.
Ingredients: 250g cheese
150 g of dried olives
2 tomatoes
250g strawberries
100g of chocolate
Arrange on a board. Leave the served appetizer in the cold until serving. Enjoy the taste!

Egg baskets

• 6 boiled eggs
• 1 red roasted pepper
• 2 cooking carrots
• young onion connection
• 1 carrot not cooked for the handle of the basket
• dried parsley
• pola kašikice soli i bibera
• 1 red pepper
• 200g of cucumber mayonnaise,

PreparationCut the eggs in half. Remove the yolks and mash. Then add chopped red pepper, chopped carrots, chopped spring onions and dried parsley , salt, pepper and mayonnaise. From the carrots, make a handle for the basket . Garnish with dried parsley and chopped peppers. The taste is fantastic.

The magic of perfume

The magic of perfume.
The smell of perfume is like the smell of magic.
Because of the perfume, we feel more desirable.
Smell can reveal a lot about our personality.
The perfume does not smell the same, on every person who wears it.
We have floral, oriental, citrus, aromatic scents.
If you want to change something this year, it might be the easiest and best way to start with perfume.
So choose your favorite perfume and touch someone’s heart.


In addition to being very tasty, strawberries are also very healthy. Strawberries are a very appreciative fruit, and most of all we like them in fruit salads, cakes or simply dipped in whipped cream or chocolate.
The cake is very easy to make quickly and very tasty. I hope you enjoy her taste.

piscote 600g
vanilla pudding 100 gr
milk 1 lit
vanilla sugar 2 pcs
butter 250 g
sugar 8 casks
powdered sugar 100g
strawberries 1/2 kg
whipped cream 150 gr
acidic water 2 dl
200g milk for dipping biscuit
For glaze: 300 ml sweet sour cream, 200 g dark chocolate and strawberries for decoration 200g

Cook the pudding with sugar and milk and cool. Whisk the butter with powdered sugar, chilled fillet and add chopped strawberries and vanilla sugar Dip the biscuits into the milk and spread around the rim of the mold and pour half a fillet on the bottom. Put the biscuits in the milk again and spread over the fillets. Pour the remaining fillet over the biscuit. Put the cake in the fridge as you prepare the glaze.
Put the sweet sour cream over low heat and then add chocolate pieces before cooking. Remove from heat, wait a few minutes for the chocolate to melt. Then stir to melt all the way, pour over the cake. Arrange the strawberries over as decoration. Leave in the refrigerator to tighten before serving.




Cream of pumpkin and potato broth

I prepare vegetable soup very often. It is delicious and easy to prepare. You just have to love vegetables. Hope you like it if you prepare it.

It’s necessary:
1 onion, 1 zucchini, 1 carrot, 2 potatoes, a piece of celery, 1 soup cube, 900 ml of water, pepper, parsley, some oil.

In a deeper pan, fry the shredded onions with a little oil. When the onions soften, add the zucchini, potatoes, carrots and celery, cut into medium-sized cubes, and pour with water. Cook until vegetables are done, with hot water occasionally added. Remove the finished vegetables and grind them in a blender, then return them to the pan and stir well. Reduce the heat, return the pan to a simmer, and add the cubed soup, pepper and parsley and mix gently until the cube is melted. Remove from heat and cover. Serve warm with toasted bread and sour cream.




Astronomers discovered water on the planet they call k2-18b

The presence of water is of great importance as an indicator of living conditions.
 K2-18b, a credible candidate for discovering life beyond Earth,

The planet k2-18b is rocky and twice the size of Earth, and is most likely covered by icy seas. It is 110 light-years away and revolves around a star-red dwarf.

Star red dwarf. a star much smaller and darker than our own sun.

This discovery makes the planet, which they call K2-18b, a credible candidate for discovering life beyond Earth

The alien planet K2-18 b would be a truly exotic vacation destination.

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Revealed

It is also called the Devil’s Triangle, and is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico.
NASA’s Tera Modis satellite is located about 720 kilometers above the North Atlantic. The satellite was filming coastal clouds, 240 miles off the Florida coast, above the Bahamas, when meteorologists spotted something strange.
Analyzing the images, they noticed a series of hexagonal clouds.
These types of hexagons over the ocean are basically air bombs. They are created by what is called a micro-storm beam, an explosion of air that escapes from the bottom of a cloud and then hits the ocean, creating waves that become even more interactive with one another. to others “.

Scientists speculate that these air bombs may be enough to move a ship or crash a plane. A UK satellite image helped explain what’s going on under the clouds.
It is powerful enough to generate waves over 15 meters high. Scientists believe that strong winds recorded in the North Sea also exist beneath hexagonal clouds over the Bahamas. Over the years, problems with the compass have been cited as one of the main causes of many disappearances.