Not much is known about the history of salse.Nastala in America in the second half 20veka as a mixture of Latin and American dances. The biggest impact on the formation had dances from Cuba and Puerto Rico, and it is considered that these two states cradle of salsa.
Salsa: This Cuban dance, in which a lot of African influence, is distinguished by quick movements and left-right turns, and with it form the legs and burn calories, especially if you dance three times a week.
With salsa develops physical coordination, sense of rhythm.There are several types of salsa, and what today we mean is the mixture that are in the New York of the 60s and 70s of the last century brought immigrants from Puerto Rico.
Salsa is a lively, sensual dance originating from Cuba, and the basic steps are her very simple and easy to be mastered by every beginner.
Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
Movement and music has a very strong influence on the soul. Stronger than any words from any thoughts. Art reaches where words and thoughts can not.
Anyone can become a salsa dancer.
It all depends on the talent and perseverance of the individual .


Checkmate never vote in elections to the man who does not know how to play the throne of the chess-board It will be bad ruler.Chess is a sport that deal with intelligent people.The winner is the one who make their move checkmate,the figure of the king can be moved to any free field. Chess is a magical game that attracted the world’s most powerful minds, wise men, statesmen, military leaders as much as fifteen hundred years. The magic that chess is winning the hearts and minds of people for millennia and is almost as powerful as the history of its formation.


Music is the language of the language. Music has existed since the earliest period in the history of mankind. It can be said that, compared to all the other arts, the music starts and the strongest changing consciousness. Music expresses the beauty, and it’s one of the reasons why we are so attracted to, why do we need so much. Music can be beautiful, strong and attractive has been shown that music affects people, both positively and negatively. It connects all the emotional, spiritual and physical elements of the universe. It comes through the dimensions. Music is a magical act, musical taste says about us more than we think.


Cats love to hear your name. Cats are really beautiful .There are two ways to escape from the sadness music and cats. Most of us loves cats. They are our most common pets and people live with them for thousands godina. Cats are very beautiful animals.

New Year

New Year is about. The main symbol of the festive Christmas tree. Christmas tree decorated with the symbol of the New Year and Christmas holidays .Some people prefer natural fir trees, so they go after the holidays, again planted. On behalf of the holidays I wish you a happy New Year.

Hot drink tea.

Hot drink tea. Hot drink again is a regular guest in the winter months. Tea is a symbol of bringing people together. It would be desirable to replace the morning coffee, a cup of hot tea. If you taste the tea does not match, you can elevate squeezed lemon and a teaspoon of honey. In the fight against winter illnesses tea is a great ally. While preparing tea should be taken not to destroy cooking medicinal herbs.The tea is prepared in a way that is poured boiling water and allowed to stand for some time. In this way allocate the ingredients that are useful.

Winter magic

Take snow day playing with children in the snow. Kids love the snow and enjoy the games in the snow. You can make a snowman, drawing on the snow; need only will. Parents often get carried away in the game but the forget that,in fact, want to entertain their children.

Winter wedding

Winter weddings have a special charm. Organize a winter wedding is a real challenge. If you belong to those young people who love winter wedding, it’s the time to start planning your wedding.

Winter wedding photos are special. Love Winter Games have just started. Here are a few beautiful wedding dress. And you find the right, a wedding dress for the joyful day of your life. Good luck!