The secret to freedom is courage.
Freedom is not imposed.
All people have a natural desire to be free.
The essence of life is to be free and to make choices.
We are free if society does not impose injustice on us.
He who is in power can legislate for freedom.
People yearn for life without oppression, poverty, free speech and choice.
A man without freedom is a soul in chains.

68 thoughts on “FREEDOM

  1. Yes, indeed! Among other things is the brutal attack on freedom of speech around the world. I suppose the thought police will be popping up soon if we don’t stop the authoritarianism. People are so bent on being trendy anti-Capitalists, that the rewards of such a way are being abolished. In reality, it’s big corporatism that is often being despised, there’s just usually no differentiation placed between the two. I may be wrong in that opinion, though. People everywhere should be free to speak & pursue happiness.

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