Astronomers discovered water on the planet they call k2-18b

The presence of water is of great importance as an indicator of living conditions.

K2-18b, a credible candidate for discovering life beyond Earth,

The planet k2-18b is rocky and twice the size of Earth, and is most likely covered by icy seas. It is 110 light-years away and revolves around a star-red dwarf.

Star red dwarf. a star much smaller and darker than our own sun.

This discovery makes the planet, which they call K2-18b, a credible candidate for discovering life beyond Earth


31 thoughts on “Astronomers discovered water on the planet they call k2-18b

  1. Des articles passionnants ! Merci beaucoup pour ces beaux partages… Ma réflexion se poursuit avec Les Pensées de notre mathématicien, physicien, inventeur, philosophe, moraliste et théologien auvergnat, Blaise Pascal,qui écrivait ceci : “Car enfin qu’est-ce que l’homme dans la nature ? Un néant à l’égard de l’infini, un tout à l’égard du néant, un milieu entre rien et tout. Infiniment éloigné de comprendre les extrêmes, la fin des choses et leur principe sont pour lui invinciblement cachés dans un secret impénétrable, également incapable de voir le néant d’où il est tiré, et l’infini où il est englouti.”
    Prends bien soin de toi mon amie Maja !
    Hugs and kisses for you. ❤


  2. ♡ So is Europa and a Lot Closer; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Our Deep Sea Exploration with UnderSea Volcanic Activity points to Venus too and, of course, We ARE still UnCertain about Mars and The Other Planets and even Our Star in Our Solar System so how about We Crawl, then Walk, then RUN!!! 🤔 ?



  3. Perhaps several generations from us, Majaa, will someday have their 🚀vacation🏖 in the earth🌍 like planet. Hypothetically, if it occurs now, I would definitely explore!⛱ Thank you for this infomation, Majaa! GOD bless! 🙂👍


      1. Yes, I’m facinated about space and your article was timely, Majaa. Because of this pandemic, we could ponder on how to get out from planet 🌏 and you gave us something to imagine about. 😄👍


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